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  1. M210 Front Axle Swap?

    Please forgive my ignorance. I’ve read this thread in entirety at least twice now. With my OBX non SAS with Adv 4x4, no FAD, I might not have any programming issues if I were to ever upgrade to M210 and regear to 4.46 or 4.74?
  2. Illinois WTS Sandstone (tan) Grab Handles (with race red vinyl)

    @Indica the Ford page pictures seem as if the red driver and passenger side handles have matching Roast color on them. Can you confirm or is this another case of crappy computer images?
  3. Sharp turn makes my blinker go to the other direction. Anyone else?

    I just found this thread and I’ve come to say that mine does this too. I always assumed I was hitting it but never remembered doing it. Warranty claim at next oil change. I wonder which will be resolved first, this or my MIC.
  4. 6/30 blend dates

    Happy Birthday to my Bronco today and to most of yours tm. I’m still waiting to see one of you all in the wild!!!
  5. Xipex® Grill 20% Discount Code

    Is there an estimated price?
  6. Papa Smurf

    N.E Florida Bronco Club

    Blend 6/29/21. Received in November. Fingers crossed for passing through parts holds!!!
  7. OBX to Badlands Stance

    Before I changed shocks, I had 285/70/17 KO2 on 17x8.5 wheels with +25 backspacing. No rub on stock OBX with crash bars installed. Then upgraded to Badlands coilovers and front level kit.
  8. Wildtrak console badge in the works?

    I’m ready when you are!! 💵💵
  9. Wildtrak console badge in the works?

    Any chance for OBX?
  10. Is this one of them fancy self deflating tires?

    There goes the theory of “it’s only flat on the bottom”
  11. California $400 Steel Capable Bumper w/ fog lights and a set of Go Rhino RB20’s

    Looks great, but wrong side of the country. Does it have the parking sensor holes?
  12. OH NO 2.0 MIC Hard Top Delaminating!?!?!!!

    This is how mine shipped. I never really noticed it until after 2 months when the top came all the way off. This is how the replacement came…
  13. OH NO 2.0 MIC Hard Top Delaminating!?!?!!!

    My Gen 2 MIC is shit too. The replacement that I waited 4 months for was so terrible, the dealer called and said they are already ordering another because it’s garbage too. Back to waiting another 4 months for a replacement.
  14. Texas Capable Bumper with Fog Lights

    I really wish you were closer to FL. Shipping that would be a costly nightmare.
  15. Webasto investing $213M this year on MIC hard tops. Expects to build ~1 million roofs total for Bronco

    I’ve been waiting since January. The one they sent was possibly worse than the one I had. Now it’s back to waiting on backorder.
  16. Florida SOLD OEM Door Storage Bags 4 Door

    Harness too?
  17. Webasto investing $213M this year on MIC hard tops. Expects to build ~1 million roofs total for Bronco

    Awesome. Maybe then they might be able to get me a quality replacement for my garbage MIC 2.0.