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  1. Bronco Woody

  2. Bronco Woody

    Yeah, I've seen people get raked for putting a different grille on and I'm just overjoyed by my basesquatch because it is just right off the factory floor.
  3. Chopping / Cutting 4-Door Rock Rails to Fit 2-Door Bronco

    Cool! Now get to work on factory sidesteps!
  4. Got lucky, falling tree while driving!

    I think I'd take a ding over a bodyshop massage. It'll see more over the course of it's lifetime.
  5. Cousin shared a photo - 30kADM

    How many of these broncos were orders that turned away over adm? That's the question. If someone turns down an order at msrp, go for it but the surprise adm is what makes the dealers slimy....
  6. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    This order is the wife's. Mine has been delivered so I'll proceed to change my order description in my profile.
  7. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    No constraints at all. Got the "built" email on 4/18.
  8. Took delivery today

    "Every other Ford dealers" "Every other ford dealers"???? my dealership doesn't charge adm Got a link to Omar "reaching out"?
  9. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    Nope. Still waiting to be shipped
  10. $12 sale Ticonn 57,000lb shackles with isolators @ Amazon - Many colors

    I ordered a similar set purely for looks. I wouldn’t trust them if I was in a serious jam. Better than nothing for sure but there are serious risks to consider. I would much rather use Crosby or CM but I sure as hell wouldn’t leave those on the front of my bronco.
  11. Butzy

    Northeast Trail Ride Connections

    I don't think Ohio is in the Midwest but I'm also wrong.
  12. Jeep trying too hard!!!!

    Yes actually. Jeep finally has competition which forces their designers and engineers to make their vehicles more attractive. Things that ford missed. Things that they could've done all along but they were comfortable and profitable as they were. Now Ford is taking market share and they're...
  13. "Transmission Not in Park" Error

    I have had that with doors open and/or seatbelts off. Not while in park though
  14. Jeep trying too hard!!!!

    Trying just enough....
  15. I Can’t Get My Bronco’s Fault Serviced

    The tall brackets probably got pitched by the original installer. It's on them to rectify the situation. Good luck.
  16. 🛠 4/11/22 Build Week Group

    Ha. I'm going on a week now....and the tracker app shows numbers in the same status starting to climb again. Wonder if they'll just keep burying it again.
  17. 2023 Ford Bronco VIN decoder. Reveals "Bronco Oates" mystery model

    Perhaps a two door sport for the heritage edition??
  18. Is dealer inventory starting to sit?

    Cyber blue....
  19. Is dealer inventory starting to sit?

    Their profit is factored in at MSRP. Therefore 3500 is heavy. I don't think I'd haggle at a dealership unless it's a used vehicle or it's over MSRP.