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  1. Pre-owned Broncos - high inventory and high prices.. why?

    I think that’s the thing, most people that have the money to pay the ADM aren’t doing their homework or have enough money they don’t care. Typically the same people that don’t wave or acknowledge you driving a Bronco as well when you see them on the road. They don’t understand they are still...
  2. 2022 Base 2 Door SAS Mod Journey

    I like the stuff you’ve done! I have the same but Big Bend CG and have done pretty much all the same. Except the full delete, just did one. But even more..I really like that you called it a “mod” journal and not a “build” journal haha.
  3. Mud Flaps -- install all 4 or just the fronts?

    I’ve always ran front. Back are kinda pointless, if you’re going over 30 mph any gravel that the rear spit is gonna spit well behind the bronco. Me and friend compared my Rekgen and his rokblokz, they are basically identical. And Rokblok is twice the cost.. minus the fact that they are quick...
  4. Easter Egg: Bronco Knoll Coordinates Inside Right Rear Tailgate Jam

    I have had mine for 4 months and just noticed the evolution of the bronco generations inside the gas cap. Hadn’t seen this one though, pretty neat.
  5. Jeep trying too hard!!!!

    Too hard
  6. How long does it take to assemble a Bronco?

    2-4 shifts if everything is perfectly in sync as far as part availability while yours is rolling down the line. Mine started 3/30 and was shipped by 4/1. The bronco social media manager answered this on Instagram in one of their question sessions.
  7. January 2022 Orders

    Just crossed 5k miles in my January 22 order. It’s worth the hype, and the wait (regardless of how long you wait, worth every bit). 😀
  8. Which Drivetrain to choose

    I have a 2.7, and this is strictly my opinion, but the 2.3 loaner I had for a week did not even compare. Lot more get up and go in 2.7, again, imo. Also, if you have never driven manual there is a little bit of learning curve, and just ask yourself whether you’d get tired of the constant input...
  9. Installed: Kuat Pivot v2 Swing Away Extension Drivers side 2"

    Jim, circling back on a totally unrelated note, is your Santa Cruz a tallboy? I impulse ordered a tallboy, and am wondering if I should cancel. curious on feedback about yours, and Santa Cruz in general?
  10. Ford neutered the Broncos 2.7L

    🤣I always look for your funny comments
  11. Sasquatch 2.3 vs 2.7 MPG ? ? ? ?

    I drive pretty conservatively. 2.7 sas 2D, lifetime 18.9. 4800 miles. If doing a lot of Highway, 20.5 is about typical. I leave it in 4A normal 90% of the time. Sport occasionally.
  12. Rubber on pillar behind front door

    Same issue, different area in rear. any “hi-strength” spray adhesive will fix it, like 3M 94. Wouldn’t spray direct from can tho since that’s close to trim panel, but you could spray a little bit on a burner paint brush or rubber basting brush, paint it on there to ensure it doesn’t get anywhere...
  13. Nailed it with the color but then.....

    I shudder to think what a cold day in hell it will be if the angry bird trend ever makes it’s way to Broncos, pure garbage 🥴
  14. Anyone have experience going from an F150 to a Bronco?

    I have a Kuat Pivot hitch that swings to passenger side and allows full use of the door, and a Sherpa 2.0 rack!
  15. 2024 Bronco refresh?

    I can see it now, that exact scene being one of Mike Levines well staged advertising tweets. “Name another vehicle that you can off-road and cook in”
  16. Anyone have experience going from an F150 to a Bronco?

    Not that you were soliciting recommendations, but I cant speak highly enough of my Kuat rack setup. Check them out! Worth every penny.
  17. Nailed it with the color but then.....

    That’s the most Florida lookin thing I’ve seen on a Bronco 🤢
  18. Anniversary Emblem Installed

    if you can find lmk, I’d drop some change for one. It’d be a cool 2 door elitist thing, you know, to show that we’re better. As they say: 2 doors gets more whor…nevermind.