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  1. Neutral doesn't drop revs?

    I don't want to hear people saying not to drive in neutral. I was just messing around while on a long drive. The bronco is the first car I've driven that revs up while in neutral. It seems to stay at an RPM that matches 10th gear while in neutral. I confirmed that it's not in gear by applying...
  2. (Another) DIY Sliding Tailgate

    This is blatantly copied off of a previous post here that was removed. Issues and/or things others should change: Top lid doesn't open far (pictured). I can access things for now, so I'll live with it. I wanted to avoid a large gap so I'm stuck with it like this. I wish I had put a big chamfer...
  3. Alternator outputs while coasting

    Has anyone noticed the alternator primarily operates while coasting? Has anyone verified the same with a manual? That means we could get even worse mpg with a traditional system! :)
  4. Wireless android auto

    Wired android auto seemed finicky as hell. I think that was a worn cable combined with a dated phone. I have a moto G7 power with android 10. Does wireless android auto work? How do you initiate it?
  5. Alignment pin stuck in MIC HT

    I thought this would be trivial to pull out with a multitool. I'll try some high quality needle nose pliers, but has anyone pulled one of these out? Not sure if I should be trying to rotate or bend it out...pull straight, etc. It put up a solid fight for today so I'll tackle it tomorrow.