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  1. Just another 2 door half seat delete with flat floor.

    Just throwing this out there for people looking to do it differently or give them ideas. I still have access to the rear floor storage just by lifting the rear board up. I only made holes for 3 tie downs but now after finishing it I should have just done the last one too. I was too afraid it...
  2. Stock black Diamond steelies w/F-150 center caps

    If anyone wants to spice up their steel wheels and add F-150 center caps. Little bit of DYI but seems secure. Gloss Bed spray Before Part number Part number Part number 4L34-1A096-EC what to do: 1. Grind off a couple mm of the center cap all the way around. I went all around until I...
  3. hard top bolt sizes

    So took my hard top off and just put it back on. I have 10 bolts, however only 1 is long and 9 are short. Facebook discussion so far yields 1. All Short 2. 1 long 3. 2 long 4. 3 long they All seem to thread long enough so I don’t think I’m worried about it. But still funny that people have...
  4. Price Protection check/refund?

    Has anyone gotten a refund for price protection from their dealer? My dealer chose the route of using the certificate in smart vincent and then cutting me a check for the other half of the price protection when Ford refunds them. Just curious if anyone has gotten anything back yet and how long.
  5. How to tap DRL or parking lights for backlighting basic DIY

    Hey all, I keep seeing this pop up everywhere and maybe we need a sticky for it. You can tap into your DRL (pin 7) or parking light (pin 9) to supply power for backlighting on aftermarket lights. You can access your headlight harness by one of two ways. 1. Remove the grill and head light...
  6. Georgia Sold: FS - OEM ford mudflaps for non sasquatch.

    Have front and rear set of OEM ford mud flaps for sale. $90 shipped or pick them up locally in Cumming, GA for $70. Part numbers. They are packed and ready to be shipped as well. M2DZ-16A550-AA M2DZ-16A550-BB
  7. Georgia WTB Suspension Black Diamond 4 door V6

    Looking for take offs. 4 door Black Diamond V6 non Sasquatch
  8. Rear Cargo Mat Rug with Cargo Locks reviews?

    Has anyone order this? Trying to determine if I want that or the rubber mat instead. I guess I'd like to know is if it holds in dog hair and or quality. I like the fact that the hooks stick out
  9. Stock Spring Part numbers

    Just wanting to get a list of stock spring part numbers for models and trims. Here is the sheets, feel free to fill it out or tell me what trim, doors, engine, transmission and Sasquatched? you have. Front spring number should look like MB3Z-5310-XXX Rear spring number should look like...
  10. Suspension/Level Kit questions/opinions

    Just curious of you input on the setup I am going to do. I have added a fabfours stubby and winch, effectively putting an extra ~125lb over the front axle. Dropped the front end almost 1/2" I have some 4 door black diamond takeoffs coilvovers/springs. There is a difference of 180lbs between...
  11. The Bus Stop (2 door)

    My build! 22 Black Diamond Cyber Orange manual 4A. Plans/goals is to build around the 32/33” tires and steel wheels (or steel wheel lookalikes) and keep stock height. Installed: 7/11 Dynamic Diode ditch and spot lights, mountain2metal a-pillar bracket, warn sidewinder, out the blue shackles...
  12. Georgia Sold: WTB Stock suspension

    Looking for the following types Sas or Non Sas. Trying to compensate spring rates for the added weight of a front bumper and winch but don't want a crazy lift or level kit. 2 door Black Diamond 2.7 2 door badlands 2.3 4 door Black Diamond 2.3 4 door OBX 2.7 Thanks!
  13. Georgia Sold: FS: Capable steel bumper takeoff for sale. $250

    Capable steel bumper with factory fog lights for sale. No parking sensors. Located North of Atlanta in Cumming. No shipping please. taken off at 120 miles you’ll need to utilize your original fog light harness that runs in the bumper. $250 OBO .
  14. Aftermarket F/R Bumper List, Factory add-ons and Compatibilities with Sensors

    Click here ---- > Compilation of Bumpers This is a compilation of all Front and Rear bumpers that I have personally researched. This will include options and what they work with, site, installs and walkarounds etc. There is also a section for OEM bumper fitments for plastic, capable and mod...
  15. Window Stickers Reflecting MY22.5 Pricing Regardless of Order Date Going Forward

    Just a FYI for those that are scheduled and have not received a window sticker. It seems that all window stickers being made post 3/7/22 will show MY22.5 pricing regardless of when you reservation or order date was made. The links below outline the guidelines by Ford for price protection...
  16. Increased Price Protection MY21 to MY22.5 updated 3/8/22

    Not sure if this has been posted. I remember reading somewhere that Ford was going to let customers know sometime in March. Anyways, just noticed in Ford Support that these are the current price protections for anyone who PLACED their order before March 19, 2021. There is also a note for orders...
  17. Production at reduced capacity

    Just saw this article with more chip delays at additional plants. Supposedly Michigan Dearborn operating at reduced shifts. I wonder if it’s affecting the bronco plant. the current build weeks seem kinda slow. Hope it does not affecting the current scheduling after the mass bumps...
  18. Land Rover Top?

    You know what. I think I’d love to have this! But would the skylights matter since the roll bars would probably block it? Sorry if reposted.
  19. Remote Start - Manual transmission

    The Ford Accessory page has a remote start remote and module called Ford Perimeter Plus Vehicle Security System. Think it would work with our Bronco manual transmissions? Yes I know it's not safe, but I can park at home and at work not in gear, so I have been toying with the idea.
  20. Color in Configuration not matching vehicle details in Order summary

    Anyone else notice that their Configuration Summary color doesn't match the Vehicle Detail color in your Ford Reservation manage? your reservation number) Just thought it was weird. On that note, the image matches my order now.