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  1. My Black Diamond 2-Door in Missouri & Mark Twain National Forest

    Beautiful part of the country. My father’s family is from all over the Lead Belt. In fact, he is buried in a little county cemetery in Doe Run, which is just west of Farmington. Love going back to that part of MO and driving the back roads. Great memories from my childhood (60 yrs ago!)...
  2. Non Golden Ticket Holder ADM Willing to Pay

    Crap…now you’ve done it. Made me wish I had kept that allocation!
  3. Overlanding Big Bend National Park with Bronco Outer Banks - Video

    Thank you so much for posting that video. It brought back so many memories of camping and backpacking trips to Big Bend when I was in college in the 70’s. My buddies and I would drive out from Austin for spring break or just a long weekend. So one night we went to an interpretive presentation...
  4. Non Golden Ticket Holder ADM Willing to Pay

    I briefly held one of my dealer’s 4 allocations right after the Braptors were revealed. They wanted $15,000 ADM. But after thinking about it for a couple days, I backed out. It wasn’t so much the ADM that caused me to back away from the deal. It was more so that the Braptor isn’t that...
  5. I need a new hood😭😭😭

    Thank God you had the 89 Bronco inside. Good luck with the PDR. I had that done once on a 4Runner and worked amazingly well.
  6. 🛠 3/7/22 Build Week

    Well, delivery got pushed a week farther out, 4/2 - 4/7. And so it goes…
  7. Paying cash for your Bronco Raptor?

    You pretty much described me re: investments with the exception I am 66 and staring at retirement in the next year or two at the most. When you say “they will come back, its just how long you can weather the down“ is what I have experienced over the last 40 years. You are so right. I have...
  8. Horror story turned reality

    The only thing “credible” about OP’s post is the quality of the troll job he executed. I have to admit, this is one of the best trolls I’ve seen since joining B6G, probably in the 90th percentile of all trolls. Congrats to OP on getting 8 pages of responses!
  9. Another Horror Story

    Was rooting for a Tech victory. Hope you weren’t counting on earnings from your bracket to fund the Bronco purchase! My wife is a Razorback and she will be hard to live with if the Hogs keep winning!
  10. 🛠 3/7/22 Build Week

    Just got a system generated e-mail from mother Ford saying my WT will be delivered next week. Once again…we shall see.
  11. Paying cash for your Bronco Raptor?

    You guys are much better investors than me. Most of my mutual funds are DOWN for the first quarter of 2022. Last one I looked at the rate of return was around -7%. Of course, last year everything I had was way up. I think we’ve gotten spoiled on double digit returns. But right about now...
  12. I received my picture today.

    Not sure. Perhaps someone else can answer that. It actually wouldn’t hurt my feelings if they left it off.
  13. I received my picture today.

    Got the e-mail with the link to the photo this morning.
  14. bare metal vs. powder coat skids and sliders

    This^. Don’t powder coat anything prone to being scratched, scraped, or dinged. It can be touched up with auto enamel but other products are much more practical. VHT is good stuff as is POR-15. Lots of the 1G Bronco folks use these types of products. I made liberal use of VHT when...
  15. 🛠 3/7/22 Build Week

    Never got any notification from Ford or dealer. Checked backdoor this morning and it says mine was built on 3/11 with estimated delivery March 27 to April 2. Seems about right from Michigan to Arizona. We shall see…
  16. Bwahahahahaha!

    Why do people do stuff like that? Reminds me of people that dye their poodle pink. At least the poodles can bite the owner to retaliate.
  17. 🛠 3/7/22 Build Week

    Yep just got bumped from Feb 28 to March 7.
  18. New option! 2022 Wildtrak HOSS 3.0 with Fox Internal Bypass

    Couldn’t have said it any better. When I got the VIN and build date in January I was so excited. Not so much now.
  19. Jeep brand has lowest reliability ranking according to CR...

    My wife and I are sailing into retirement within a year or so. We decided to each get a new vehicle to get started in that. Of course, I picked a Bronco (re-thinking that a bit). I told her she should get anything she wants from a used Pinto to a Benz, totally her call. As you might guess...
  20. Spare Tire Cover

    Me too.