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  1. XPEL Stealth Carbonized Gray - 4 Door Badlands Sasquatch

    Cool thanks, around 5K seems to be the price. Always good to hear what others paid and that seems to be the going rate.
  2. XPEL Stealth Carbonized Gray - 4 Door Badlands Sasquatch

    Great photos man. Thanks for sharing! Congrats on getting married too. Every rig I see with the wrap looks amazing. Makes me want it more and more each time I see it. What did you pay to have it installed if you don't mind me asking. Just getting a ballpark price.
  3. Shaun @ The Story Till Now takes his (wife’s) new Bronco off road mudding

    I just discovered your channel a few weeks ago with your first Bronco vid. Since then have watched your entire North American series and several others. You're already one of my favorite channels along with Trail Recon and Xoverland. Keep up the good work!!!
  4. ADV Bronco Hardtop Teaser - Part 4

    Tagged to follow. White on Cactus looks pretty cool.
  5. ARB Compressor Engine Bay Mount from KR Off-Road (NOW SHPIPING)

    Is anyone just using the switch that comes with it and having that under the hood since it's wired directly to the battery? Is there a good place to mount it, or can it mount to the bracket someplace? To me it seems like waste to use an upfitter switch for it because you have to open your hood...
  6. Poll who wants the new Ford Bronco Raptor?

    Performance wise it is bad ass. But I agree it's not clean looking. I don't like the skid plate not matching the bumper, the vents on the side and hood, the orange headlights, the super wide fenders, the taillight LED's. It's distracting and doesn't flow together. Too many "things" competing...
  7. Winch behind MOD bumper?

    This was a concept / rendering they put out a long time ago. I asked them if they are coming out with it and they said yes but not with the winch. I think this looks so clean and would be amazing as shown.
  8. Winch behind MOD bumper?

    Yea I'm looking for something like that. Hidden / clean install with the factory bumper. In time there will be lots of options. So far this is my favorite aftermarket one. But it's just a concept. DV8 said they are releasing it soon but NOT winch compatible. Hopefully someday they will. Looks...
  9. My Review of the JcrOffroad Bronco Tailgate Table

    Good to know. I'm gonna have a buddy who's handy help me install it. Figure it can't hurt to have a second set of hands and eyes.
  10. My Review of the JcrOffroad Bronco Tailgate Table

    Thanks for the review. Did you see the install video or go solely with the PDF instructions? About how long did it take you? I've got one ordered that should be here next week long before my Bronco.
  11. Is the Rivian Bronco competition?

    Check out "Long Way Up". Pretty cool show and get to see the first two Rivian's ever produced.
  12. The Jackie Robinson of automotive design who helped shape the Bronco forever

    Cool piece of history, thanks for sharing.
  13. Grille Marker Lights Installed

    Looks good man. For those of you who don't have access to a 3D printer check out this thread. With just cutting a little bit you can get different lights to fit in the grille.
  14. Raptor Grill Lights Installed & How To DIY

    Thanks. That'd be awesome if you can figure that out and post how. I'd like to have those 3 on DRL so always on. Then maybe add something like these as well and hooked to the switches for emergency since they strobe. I know they are slightly larger but do you think you could easily attach them...
  15. Request for measurment

    Awesome, thank you! I'll be able to plan this out ahead of time and order what I need.
  16. Request for measurment

    Since I don't have my Bronco yet I have a simple request. Can someone measure the dimensions of the plastic panel in the rear for me? (outlined in red). I'm planning on adding some lights to the rear and interior and want to be able to control them from the back. Just wanted to see if this...

    Help to see around you for rocks and other obstacles if off-roading at night. Also when you get into camp makes it easier to see when setting up. Also look cool.
  18. Raptor Grill Lights Installed & How To DIY

    Great video, thank you for taking the time to make that. I was thinking of doing these as well. Not to copy a Raptor, just think they look cool. My first thought was the TRD 4Runners with them actually. Anyways if you wanted to tap that into the running lights so they always come on can someone...