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  1. HOSS 3.0 Bronco towing report / experience -- closer to F-150 than Explorer

    So I towed with my Bronco/ Wildtrak w/ HOSS 3.0 Suspension / 2 door last night. Small trailer with big mower est. 1500lbs. Pulled great with zero issues. We have an uphill ramp onto the interstate my 3.5 eco boost F-150 pulled to 70mph easily, our 3.0 Ecoboost Explorer would get there if you was...
  2. 2022 2 Door Wildtrak HOSS 3.0 Eruption Green with Retro Package.

    Finally the wait is over! Saturday was the pick up day. Love the color for my 3 choice. Eruption Green has quite a flop in color changes. Was able to order the HOSS SYSTEM and the ride is amazing. We pulled a 350 mile road trip yesterday to figure all the systems out. MPG was 18.6 on the first...
  3. Arrived Today, HOSS 3.0 Wildtrak

  4. Roof light bars with roof rails install?

    do you know or have you seen a light bar installed with the roof rail system?
  5. It’s finally built.

    After being ordered on day one, hopefully by 7/14 or 2 years later I will be sitting in the seat of my Bronco. 3 reorders, 2 model changes, and 3 color changes later. It’s built. I was able to get in that very small window of getting the Fox 3.0 suspension on a 2022 model. The bad is I love the...