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  1. For those w/ Sync4 Module Failure, how long till replacement module arrived/fixed?

    So after a 574 day wait, I picked up my bronco on 3/19 (Saturday), drove it back to the from the dealership that day, and then the next morning drove across down to grab some breakfast (Kolaches!). When getting back in the Bronco, the 8" screen was black, and would occasionally try to boot, but...
  2. Picked up Bronco yesterday, 8" screen won't turn on/is black this morning?

    First of all, I'm incredibly happy with the Bronco and it is everything I expected. All was working well yesterday. Then this morning, I went for a 30 minute drive to pick up kolaches, and when I came back to start the Bronco, the 8" screen stayed black. The AC/climate controls still respond...
  3. If car commercials were honest, pt 25

    My wife found this gem of a tik tok from a guy who does “if car commercials were honest”. His whole channel is pretty hilarious for other vehicles too.
  4. 87 top-tier gas, 93 non-top-tier gas, or mix it up for the Bronco?

    Obviously we know about the benefits of top tier detergent gasoline (exxon/shell/valero etc.) over non-top tier (sams club/bucees/kroeger/general off brand gasoline) in terms of keeping the engine clean, but we also know this is a turbo charged engine that won't unlock the full listed power (and...