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  1. Badlands 4door takes on Black Bear Pass, Imogene Pass, and Poughkeepsie Gulch in Colorado.

    Just got back from an amazing trip to the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. In total it was around a 3900 mile trip for me and the fam. Needless to say the mountains in Co are a little different than we are used to here in Georgia. The Bronco did fantastic without a single hiccup. Will have some...
  2. Rear Link options

    Just ordered the Icon coilovers and looking into rear links while I wait for shipping. I am going after articulation for low speed off-roading. Not many places to get speed here in the GA mtns. Anyone have any experience with the rock jock rear links vs other companies? I know Icon makes some...
  3. skid plate question

    Question, I have a Badlands with Sasquatch 4 door and looking for skid for the trans that covers these crossmembers or supports. I highlighted them in the pic below. Mine are all beat up from wheeling and I would like to limit the damage to them.
  4. Couple Bronco's hit the trails at 5313 Off-Road Park in Calhoun, GA

    Met up with 2 other Bronco owners and some Toyota guys to check out 5313 off-road park. Had a blast and the Bronco's held their own. Youtube vid -
  5. Exciting trail ride in N. GA with another Bronco6G Member

    Another member and I hit a local trail here in GA and had a blast. Its amazing what these can do bone stock.
  6. Earls Ford in Clayton GA

    Fun little trip to Earl's Ford and Sandy Ford in Clayton Ga. Had another 6g member with me to check it out.
  7. Medium-large dealer Atlanta dealer with 10ish reservations (MIC top) not filled

    Exactly. My store is medium-large in the Atlanta market but we never had a ton of reservations. We only have like 10ish reservations not filled and those are all MIC tops. I have orders placed this week that were scheduled today.
  8. Flatland Road in Suches Georgia

    Great little road with tons of off camber and tricky spots. Bronco continues to amaze me with how it handles the terrain.
  9. Hello from Atlanta

    Hi everybody, just wanted to introduce myself. Live in the Atlanta suburbs and am a Sales manager at the local Ford dealer. Not joining to try and elicit sales just a Bronco fan (already have my reservation). My first car growing up was an 1988 Bronco which quickly replaced with a 1976...