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  1. Got a build date today….

    So, got this email with a build date and a VIN today!!!! the only strange part is my Bronco was built 2/19 and delivered 3 weeks ago….. Anyone else had this happen?
  2. Has anyone used/installed this Raptor style light kit? I tried to search, but only saw a few made from scratch options. This kit looks to be plug and play, which is intriguing to me since I suck at electrical wiring....
  3. Aftermarket exhaust options for 2.7 Bronco - compilation list

    I have been TRYING to keep up with the various after market exhaust options available so far for the Bronco. I think we need a place where can discuss/compare all of them one one place. As far as I know, here are the options available right now, in no particular order: Axle-Back 1. Ford...
  4. Virginia SWAP: Badlands MGV for BD MGV?

    Trying to gauge interest, as I won't have my Bronco until March (ish....2/7 build date) Any Black Diamond trims out there interested in swapping seats, handles, door nets, vents, etc.... for Badlands MGV with orange stitching? I'm not sure how difficult it would be, but I would only be...
  5. Self PPF the lower doors?

    I won't get my Bronco until around March, I have checked around for some quotes on PPF, and even for just doors and quarter panels we are talking like $3000+. I looked on Amazon and saw some 12" x several feet of 3M PPF and Xpel strips for anywhere from $25 to $75 (and up). My initial concern...
  6. Production for 1/22/2022!!!!

    Just checked the ford website and my order is updated for 1/22/2022 production!!!!!!!! 4 door Badlands, Lux, Sasquatch, MGV, 2.7!!!!!!! I'm loosing my mind over here and hoping this isn't a glitch!!!!!
  7. Are people really buying the $100K+ listed Broncos?

    I check Carguru's and other websites every now and then to see what the Bronco market is looking like while I wait for mine to be built. Today I saw 5 pages of $98K and up FE's of various color/configuration within 150 miles of me. Are people really buying/paying that for these? Or are they...
  8. Predict my delivery date. Win a prize!

    Actually I just want EDUCATED guesses on when I should see my Bronco. But prize to be determined at a later date - maybe a pizza delivered to your house or some sort of Bronco related item. Who knows, maybe by then you will win a free ticket to space! Here are my details: Reservation Date...
  9. Non-powered and power passenger seat - how do the differ in adjustment options

    I tried to find this many places, but my results weren't great. I was wondering what ways the passenger seat adjusts with the regular (non-powered, non-leather) trim and if it has more adjustments - beyond just adding power if you opt for the leather. This is one of my wife's concerns, so I am...
  10. Shots fired guys….

    Shots fired by the Jeeps, boys. Time to retaliate. 😂
  11. Hint (hope) for the elusive saddle interior?

    Does anyone else notice the interior of the vehicle the pic is taken from? They are hiding something in plain sight, right?
  12. East Coasters....Which Trim/setup - crawling/speed/other?

    OK, folks. I am an East Coaster (Virginia) who has had a few Grand Cherokee’s, which have always done well on any trails I have hit up, but mainly easy stuff. I am super jealous of all of you Mountain and Pacific Time zone folks with your Moabs and Rubicon trails and just general open desert...
  13. Paint color samples / swatches in sunlight (all 2021 Bronco exterior colors)

    Compared to the colors under shade:
  14. If you could only pick 1..

    If you were forced to chose between the following: 1. 2.7 V6 2. High package with 12” screen 3. Sasquatch which would you chose? For arguments sake, have your build ready to go, but can only fit one more “upgrade” in your budget. Which one is it and why?
  15. Wireless Apple Carplay?

    Just wondering if this is a possibility for the new Bronco.... has any one heard?
  16. Black Diamond vs Badlands

    If someone was going to get the Sasquatch no matter what (which negates the wheel/tire/gears/etc. difference). What makes the badlands ~$6K more than the Black Diamond? I see the sway bar disconnect, but don't see too many more differences beyond the availability of the high/lux packages...