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  1. So this is why the current market is stupid.

    Damn, does anyone want to by a Cyber Yell…errr Orange Badlands Squatch Lux for $95k? I will sell you mine lol
  2. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    @DealerInsider Mine was built yesterday, just waiting for the built and shipped confirmation!! How long does it usually take to ship to you guys? Can’t wait to come pick it up and meet you all in person!
  3. GOBI Racks is coming for the Bronco

    I WANT THIS!!! Please make for soft top and make it so you can flip it up, and put the top down, and lower it again easily. Whts the weight and what would the weight limits be on this (based on Jeep version).
  4. Utah 4-Door MIC "2.0" For Sale (Gauging Interest)

    I would be interested, how much would you sell it for? I have a soft top due to be produced next week and definitely want the hardtop
  5. Up the mountain with our Badlands

    Love it!! I have to plan my first off road trip with the kids as well, hopefully we will get it before the end of October. Wife always wants to go see the leaves change somewhere. It’s going to be great to see them off the beaten path and with the top down
  6. Up the mountain with our Badlands

    I have the same build coming *fingers crossed* on Oct 8th (build date). beautiful!! How do you like the CO color? No regrets?
  7. Hammock Delivery - Possible correlation to where you are in line?

    Who sent out hammocks? I haven’t gotten any swag, and only a few automated emails from Ford. WTF Ford, I want a bronco hammock lol….and a bronco!!! Thanks 😊
  8. Here are the Bronco Build & Tracking links

    I must save this for some hopeful future date lol
  9. The gas shortage.

    kinda shows how important cyber security is too
  10. New Improved Brush Guard / Bull Bar Design and Location on Race Red Bronco Badlands!

    Love the red with newer darker MIC top. I have been waiting to see how race red works with the newer darker top and I love it. I may be switching colors now. I like the first version better. it’s not like I need the world to the letters to know i am driving a bronco. Also, you could still...
  11. Interior should be expected in off road vehicle

    I would love to see a king ranch version....ummm similar to the original 2 door they teased us with on release day. I disagree with some of you all’s argument that you can’t have both. You can, your just going to pay another 5k more. I don’t really have an opinion yet since I haven’t seen one...
  12. Why are there no cupholders!!? Also, Pics and observations.

    but then someone might step there lol
  13. Why are there no cupholders!!? Also, Pics and observations.

    Totally agree, MGV isn’t going to prevent your seats from being all sticky from whatever they spilled due to lack of cup holders.
  14. Why are there no cupholders!!? Also, Pics and observations.

    I am thinking the same. I change my color from CO to Rapid red last week. I might have chose Race Red instead but really need to see it with the MIC grey top. Love A51, but there will be too many of those
  15. My Recovery Gear Set-up

    i guess mainly the S-survive is mostly what applies...not as much need to evade, resist, and escape In off roading. Then again the whole reason we are out there is to evade, resist, and escape from the grind
  16. Off-Road 72 Hour Bag

    Definitely a land navigation compass. I would replace your signal for sure. Also include an IR flashlight for signaling search parties. MREs are great as the military has learned how to cram the most calories in least amount of space. Also some laxatives for said MREs. not sure what’s in...