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  1. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    Send it! Badlands with Satin Black script. Keep taking my cash!
  2. JTopsUSA Bronco Hardtop Bimini 4 Door Sun Shade Update!

    Just like waiting for your rig, it'll be worth the wait and water under the bridge when it arrives.
  3. Do you regret your color choice?

    Still very happy with Cactus Gray. That is until Brittany Blue is available, at which point I'll be inconsolable.
  4. Dealer says changing engine choice drops you to the back of the line? True?

    Correct. Changing the engine changes the body code and resets the date of receipt.
  5. Bimini Shade Gearshade VS JTop

    I've been using the Gearshade for a couple of months now. Replaced the rear nylon straps with 11" bungie balls. Doesn't stop the flapping (nothing will at 75mph) but I don't have to worry about the straps loosening like they were. The gap at the front is annoying whenever the sun pokes through...
  6. Painting/Coating Door Surrounds

    Hey all, I removed the doors and hard top this weekend and realized just how much I don't like the black plastic stopping mid-way down the pillars. Looks unfinished, IMO. I plan on keeping the Bronco doorless/roofless throughout the Summer and I'm seriously considering a permanent solution...
  7. Rockworkx hard top bolts installed. Removable by hand

    Correct. It's only the most forward screws, on both sides.
  8. Video: Bronco Raptor 12" digital gauge cluster demo at the 15:35 min mark .. super cool

    THIS☝ A head-scratcher that I'm reminded of every single time I drive. Why are there two speedometers?!!
  9. AR | BADLANDS Center Console VIN Plate

    Count me in.
  10. Rockworkx hard top bolts installed. Removable by hand

    My solution was a nylon spacer that raises the fastener enough to clear the molding.
  11. Rockworkx hard top bolts installed. Removable by hand

    I received a set of these the other day. Impressed with the quality but there is a fitment issue with the 4th mounting hole, closest to the seats (4 door). Part of the hardtop molding interferes with the knurled flange, preventing the bolt from sitting flush and tight. I have a 2nd gen hardtop...
  12. 2023 Ranger Raptor World Premiere!

    Finally, the Raptor I've been waiting for.
  13. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Finally some movement... 12/22 Original Blend Date 01/03 Produced (confirmed by dealer) 01/04 Mods popped No window sticker or communication from Ford yet.
  14. Retro classic 2-toned 2-door build inspired by Bronco II

    Please tell me they didn't...
  15. NSP Reason Code G3: Dealer Do Not Schedule (Actual)???

    Technically, he can't change the status - Ford does that. BUT, if his credentials allow him to modify an order, and I assume he can, he has the ability to change the priority code. Must be 10 though 19.
  16. NSP Reason Code G3: Dealer Do Not Schedule (Actual)???

    "99" Priority will prevent your order from scheduling, period. It's the default code assigned to unscheduled retail orders that needed to convert to the 22MY. If you have confirmed the configuration is correct with your dealer, request them to change the priority to "10-19" so it can be...