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  1. Bronco Radiator Fan temp range.

    I'll start with I have a 2021 4DR Wildtrak with the 2.7 and I live in Arizona. Does anyone know what temperature the radiator fan is supposed to kick on in the Bronco? Here is my issue. I have recently noticed that my Bronco runs in the temp around 220-225 consistently while driving around...
  2. Best Accessory Upgrade yet! Seatbelt Covers

    The quality this company does is insane. Made in America in Arizona. Let me start with these are leather and suede backed. They will custom make it how you want it and this was chosen exactly how I asked!!! I'm very impressed and will use them again! Here is a link to the company if anyone...
  3. Covercraft Carhartt Dash Cover (Bad Fit)

    I saw the Covercraft dashmat on their website and made the purchase in early December for the special edition Black Carhartt version. This is how it turned out after waiting almost 2 months for a dash cover..... I have liked their products in the past but this is just plain bad! 🤮🤮