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  1. Updated Photos: SVC's Rock Sliders and Bumpers!🔥🔥

    Your Bronco is bad ass AJ, i t was a pleasure to run the Baja peninsula with you this past week.
  2. Bajaluv

    SoCal Broncos

    @FernieSanders nope ! San Diego, should of clarified.
  3. Bajaluv

    SoCal Broncos

    No sorry not Malibu, this is San Diego mountains.
  4. Bronco 700 Mile Baja Run: Essentials by Fast Intentions

    Stoked, nice build !! We will see you Friday morning, cant wait for some much needed Baja miles.
  5. Bajaluv

    SoCal Broncos

    I went with the PCI radio, preprogrammed with every channel Baja racing.
  6. Bajaluv

    SoCal Broncos

    Quick run to Corral canyon tomorrow morning 7/23, nothing crazy. i have actually never been, following out a few broncos and a jeep. MTG at los coches park in ride at 8am.
  7. Our Badlands

    We are now ready for the EXO broncos only baja trip in 2 weeks. The wife and i are beyond excited to meet up some good peeps.
  8. Our Badlands

    Last but not least Foutz delivered the rear shock skids, this is another location that is much needed protection.
  9. Our Badlands

    Next was the last component from RPG, luckily i waited a few months for the to release the entire steering kit. Probably one of the best upgrades so far.
  10. Our Badlands

    So i finally completed a few more upgrades I've had sitting on the work bench. I have moved the race radio around a few different locations but this ends up being the best location in my opinion. Antennae is located at the A pillar, using the JCR light mount.
  11. Bajaluv

    SoCal Broncos

    I sold my 91 and 96 through
  12. Mileage check in, who's got the most on their 6th gen Bronco?

    Picked up our 2.7 badlands 10/29/21, just hit 9k, average 13.6 mpg on 37" tires. Zero issues so far, very happy with purchase.
  13. Our Badlands

    They are holding up good, they really create a clean look. The back two fenders are starting to show a little bit of pitting specifically when I’m in Baja mode flying around the desert.
  14. Our Badlands

    When FOX shocks is in your parking lot.
  15. Our Badlands

    Installed a few items this past weekend, went with the American thunder flow master, i definitely like the sound. Super easy install. Also installed the mishimoto catch can. I installed this catch can on the wife expedition a few years back and it does a great job at catching carbon for removal...
  16. Our Badlands

    Thank you, they are a black rhino wheel, non beadlock for now.
  17. Our Badlands

    So i have been messing around with wrap ideas, Area 51 is way to common for me. so this is a two tone idea matching my 91 bricknose.
  18. Our Badlands

    I have been a customer of FOX on all previous Bronco builds, in my opinion they have better technology when in comes to internal components.
  19. Our Badlands

    Sorry for the delay, filthy motorsports out of Colorado
  20. My 2021 Outer Banks Build (WITH LINKS)... so far

    Great write up appreciate the details. YES the hood kit was a pain in the ass !! So one thing we did similar was the rough country spare tire relocation. I did not like the way it pushed the spare so far off the vehicle. i soon realized i did not need it ? I currently run a 37"spare in the...