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    Just thought others may like to know that there is an option when installing the controller. My grandsons are like monkeys and have been known to climb over the console which I feel would inevitably render the control knob destroyed if placed per instructions. There is plenty of room to place...
  2. Console Safe Not an Option for Some.!

    I removed my console safe today. Attached pic explains why. This is a medium frame 9mm. No way I could remove/replace this jewel while practicing grip and trigger discipline.! Makes this safe NOT safe.!
  3. Trail Control Works in 2H AND Reverse.!!

    This is cool.! Trail Control in 2H is functional from 1 MPH to 20 MPH. Christmas parades, school zones anywhere ya just gotta go slow on a hard surface without the need for 4wd.! Reverse too.! We're gonna have to think about that one.!

    I don’t know if this is the place for this or not.! A scammer using 469-860-9760 will respond to your WTB with whatever you're looking for with low price and shipped to you. John McVay is the name they are using. Just thought a PSA might save someone some time.
  5. Tennessee WANT TO BUY: Complete hard top for 2021 4 door Badlands Bronco.

    WANT TO BUY: Complete hard top for 2021 4 door Badlands Bronco. Preferably with noticeable streaking on its exterior surface. Interior surface must be original and clean. Located near Dirt Mountain is OK. I will travel. Cash in hand no questions asked.!!
  6. SOFT TOP….PREP KIT….????

    These two screenshots are from the window stickers on two "mannequins" that are delivered and sitting at the dealer. Both are Badlands 4 door. Two questions for the experts here: #1- Why do the soft top (one w/prep and one w/o prep) and storage bag (one w/top and one w/o top) entries show the...