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  1. Florida Outer Banks Wheels and Tires Take Off New

    I took these wheels and tires off as soon as I took possession of the the truck. $650 takes all 5. Hell of a deal. Jacksonville, FL
  2. Will 37" tires fit with new Bilstein 2" Ford Performance lift?

    I have a non-sas Outer Banks and I am wondering if the Ford Performance 2" lift (part # M-18000-B1) will allow me to add 37" Ridge Grapplers with crash bars removed? Obviously, I'm talking about no rubbing at full articulation.
  3. Hidden Winch Front Bumper Options for 2.7L Lux

    The title pretty much says it all. I'm looking for what my options are, if any, for a hidden winch style front bumper that works with 2.7L and the parking sensors. I currently have the standard bumper as I have always planned to upgrade. Thanks for your help.
  4. Florida 5 Outer Banks Wheels and Tires

    I live in Jacksonville. $700 for all 5 new wheels and tires off my Outer Banks. (18" wheels, P255/70R18)
  5. Attention Anyone Ordering a Bronco Raptor or Future Special Editions

    A small town middle of nowhere dealership in middle Tennessee is the best place to order your Raptor or any future special editions. Reddick Brown Ford in Morrison, TN is a huge special edition dealer. Over half of their sales are Raptors, ROUSH, Shelby, Hennessey, Tuscany and other special...
  6. Looking to purchase a modular front bumper

    I decided too late that I would rather have the modular front bumper. If anyone else went with the modular and then changed to an aftermarket bumper, I am interested in purchasing the modular bumper. Also, I have 5 Outer Banks stock wheels and tires. 32" all terrain tires and 18" aluminum...
  7. Matte Black Outer Banks on 35" Ridge Grapplers & 2" Lift

    I thought I would do one of these rig journal posts mainly because I haven't seen many wraps posted. Other than PPF. Build week of 9/6 but didn't take delivery until 12/31. Technically a Day 2 reservation but it was just after midnight on the first day. I live in Jacksonville, FL. I say that...
  8. First Edition For Sale for $99,991 Hodges Mazda

    Hodges Mazda of Jacksonville, FL has a First Edition for sale for $99,991. As if the $34k markup over MSRP we're not bad enough, they removed the window sticker. One of the sales agents said the owner of the Mazda dealership owns a Ford dealership. That is why they even have it on site.
  9. Will Ford deliver all 21' Broncos before January 1, 2022?

    Most vehicles are available for purchase in the fall before the next year model. For instance a '20 Wrangler was available in fall of '19. I know people are going to say I should be grateful mine is even in production, but screw that. I did what I needed to do to get mine early. I made an...
  10. Help Me Make the Right Wheel and Tire Choice

    Look I know I'm going to catch a lot of crap for the information I am about to provide. But if you can find it in your heart to see past that I would very much like some help as I don't know much about wheels and tires in general. I know what I am. My Bronco will be an island cruiser/ mall...
  11. What was the name of the build that was red and blue with a black matte hood?

    What was the name of the build that was red and blue with a black matte hood? I can't find it anywhere.
  12. Moving to Florida in August 2021 (move reservation)

    I have a reservation at at my hometown Ford dealer (Reddick Brown Ford). They haven't communicated anything to me. They have not confirmed X-Plan pricing or any communication other than a thank you for your reservation. I know I will be moving to Jacksonville, FL in August of 2021. Should I...
  13. Paint the Outer Banks wheels all black?

    Please forgive my ignorance. Would it be possible to somehow make the ugly ass wheels on the Outer Banks all black?