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  1. How to open and close my Bestop top on lifted Bronco

    Yep I open the tailgate and stand on the rear bumper to close it. Beats carrying a ladder
  2. 2023 Bronco Heritage Edition Revealed! 1,966 Heritage Limited Edition (Badlands) Units to be Produced. Unlimited (Big Bend) Heritage Editions

    If it’s true that they will be available for order when the order banks open, which will be only for existing reservation holders to convert their orders, plus dealer stock orders, that would mean none of us that have our broncos already can get these on an order. They’ll be sold out by the...
  3. Flashcal experience?

    The bad, besides price , is that it’s VIN locked
  4. Coming soon…. Kicker Key 200.4 mounting plate from Mountains2Metal

    Awesome! It would be good to keep a running list of devices that have worked there. To my knowledge so far it’s the 200.4 and 2 versions of midland.. 275 and 575 (with minor rear glovebox trimming)
  5. Coming soon…. Kicker Key 200.4 mounting plate from Mountains2Metal

    500.1 is almost 2 inches wider than there 200.4. It’s hard to say if it would fit in that space, don’t know that anyone has tried it
  6. Bronco Team 2 door.

  7. Strange rear-end "thud" when easing off brakes...?

    Same boat here, my heims on my sway bar disconnects are shot and i wondered if it’s related but if ya all are stock swaybar links maybe I’m off base
  8. Bronco "Raptor" Style Grill ?

    Dang for that price I’m tempted to take a chance.
  9. BaseSquatch on 37’s + 3" lift

    did you have to cut away any crash bar mounts to avoid rubbing? I like the wheel specs and am just curious how much if any cutting was required
  10. BRUZR THE AIRBENDER. Big Bend Sasquatch 2.3L Build

    If u want it solve your 2.3 issues, get a throttle controller. 2.3 is just fine when throttle mapping is updated. U may lose an mpg or 2. I put the Ultimate9 in mine and even on 37s it makes Sport mode feel weak
  11. Kentucky Selling my Base Squatch (no mark-up)

    Message sent in case current buyer falls through
  12. The Brodozer build

    Small update. Added a light to the rear bumper. Since it will rarely be used, I violated my own rules and went with cheap Amazon brand. Also finished addressing the last of my rubbing issues since going to 37s. Trail run 2 weeks ago caught the front inner fender liner. i removed the 2 giant...
  13. Tipping Off Roadeo Instructors?

    Yeah he made sure to mention where a father and daughter were almost killed, saved by a tree
  14. Tipping Off Roadeo Instructors?

    Our instructor was a trophy truck racer, it was the scariest good time I’ve had in years
  15. Tipping Off Roadeo Instructors?

    three of us went to the Vegas one, and we each tipped 40 bucks. We asked, they do pool it and split it up evenly. Magically us 3 got chosen for a ride along on the Fun Haver race course on site. Worth every penny
  16. Speakers update recommendations?

    If you don’t want to add an amp, go with something with high sensitivity like Hertz. Spend the money on the dash and rear, and be sure to add bass blockers to the dash. Next step up would be to get a kicker key 200.4 amp with harness, easy install and powered by head unit...
  17. This is a terrible idea.

    They’ll definitely look a lot better mounted than they do sitting next to it. i say at least clean em up and mount em up before passing final judgement