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  1. Mabett's list of products on sale and some discount codes! ! !

    When are you gonna restock your 4 door cargo liner?
  2. Xipex® all Bronco accessories are being continuously updated - Please follow.

    When are you gonna stock your tailgate storage organizer again?
  3. Did I mess up?

    You were right. The battery failed the load test. Guess it was sitting too long waiting for mic top. Got a new battery from dealer and they reset my windows.
  4. Did I mess up?

    Thank you I think I should still go to dealer to have it inspected. It's weird that the battery should die after only 800 miles.
  5. Did I mess up?

    I disabled the double honk and added sport mode with forscan. It was fine for a few days then today in the morning I get a msg from Ford pass app that remote features disabled bc of low battery. I go to start car and it won't let me. I get park brake fault and service advance trac warnings and...
  6. Updated Photos: SVC's Rock Sliders and Bumpers!🔥🔥

    What lights are you running?
  7. I'm in the market for a small dash cam to put on the dash,any recommendations? Thanks

    Most good or higher end camera have capacitors instead of battery. They work great in extreme temperatures. My Garmin hasn't failed in very hot weather. Also make sure you get a good sd card too. SanDisk endurance is good. They're meant for constant rewrites and more extreme weather.
  8. I'm in the market for a small dash cam to put on the dash,any recommendations? Thanks

    No you don't. The dongar gives you a USB outlet and a small USB cable to run to your dash cam. The mirror doesn't give you constant power. I wish it did tho so I could run parking mode.
  9. I'm in the market for a small dash cam to put on the dash,any recommendations? Thanks

    I hooked it to my Garmin mini. Very small and clean install. Tucks behind the mirror and barely gets in my view. I wonder if there is a way to enable power after shut off to the mirror. so I can enable parking mode. If it's not on Amazon check dongar website. They have it in stock unlike Amazon.
  10. Picked up my bronco then got into a small fender bender. (Dashcam)

    Need some advice, Got into a fender bender, only a couple days after I picked up my 2 year old reservation. The Luck! Some dude was in a hurry and tried to force his way into my lane. We made light contact and the dude tried to run away but I managed to catch him because he made a turn into a...
  11. Recommended tire pressures

    Hi all, just took delivery of my sas badlands bronco last week. This is my first 4x4, I've owned nothing but small lil fast hatchbacks lol. First time offroading next week to a mud pit next week here in Azusa. I was wondering what tire pressures y'all recommend for mudding on a sasquatch? I keep...
  12. AR Stirrup thoughts?

    I'm between these and IAG stirrups... Following.
  13. It’s Prime Day - Amazon

    I'm gonna buy some stuff on Amazon but just cuz they employ alot of people doesn't mean they aren't without fault. I was a consultant for Amazon for a few months and was surprised how they treated their workers like shit. They also bully their sellers and contractors. I got out of there quick...
  14. Independence Day the ARB way: GIVEAWAY! -- Limited BP-51 Edition ARB High Output Portable Compressor (CLOSED)

    Spending it at a friend's get together for some beer and BBQ. Just subbed
  15. Issues from 1st time engaging 4x4 with 1000 miles

    Have you taken it to dealer to diagnose? Keep us updated, let's see what the real issue is.
  16. I just wanted to park alone…..

    So many parking Karens.
  17. Lightweight Overlanding Camper/trailers ideal for BRONCO

    I have had a shiftpod for 5 years now. It's really well made and any issues have been fixed by their support team. Great warranty. Great insulation for cold weather too, I've used a heater with this in 10 degree weather and it had kept us toasty. Also great in windy weather bc it didn't flap...
  18. [TFL] I Explore The New 2022 Ford Bronco's Best, Weirdest, & Worst Features | Bronco Week Ep.3

    Well in fairness to TFL they are catching up on Ford Bronco content because they were banned by Ford for leaking information on the Bronco.
  19. Start Spamming Dometic For This Center Console Fridge

    It'll probably be too big to fit in Broncos small armrest but I would love one to keep my beverages cold on long trips. Maybe they can design a thermodynamic fridge instead. A compressor would be to big to fit. I hope they do.