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  1. Anyone drill into standard bumper to mount lights?

    Do you have the modular bumper or capable bumper?
  2. Why no “Bikini” tops yet? All we have is mesh “Bimini” tops.

    JTop is making or has one available for the hard top you don’t have to remove to reinstall the top. I love mine but I have a soft top
  3. Why no “Bikini” tops yet? All we have is mesh “Bimini” tops.

    A solid top would be a huge pain in the ass at highway speeds since it would be loud as ever and honestly probably rip the top up.
  4. 20 mpg in a Wildtrak

    Lol I get 14 mpg
  5. Post your BEFORE & AFTER!

    Before and after. Next week coil overs, UCA and rear lower links. Next month rear bumper with swing outs and then I’m done after dumping 15k in her. Exhaust, sound system, front bumper, IAG side steps, K&N air filter, scorcher module, tires, custom Jtop, hot and cold charge pipes and light bars...
  6. How long for Build and Delivery

    There is no right answer to this question. There are plenty on this forum who’s broncos were built in January and are sitting on dirt mountain still. My build week was 4/25 and I got mine a month later, but there are people in my build week still waiting on theirs. It’s total luck of the draw
  7. 🛠 4/25/22 Build Week Group

    I can’t believe how completely F*cked up things are at ford. We are all in the same build week and it’s about to be the middle of August and some still are waiting on theirs. I guess I got very lucky. One month exactly from built date to pick up in south Florida. On what little plus side I can...
  8. IAG rear cupholder installed - photos

    How difficult is it to remove the rear mat now that you have the cup holders installed?
  9. Tie rod just snapped while turning around in driveway [Update: Replaced Under Warranty]

    So are there aftermarket tie rods that are beefier or are Heims the only option currently available? I get my coilovers, new upper control arms and real lower links put on next week and with the 3.5” of lift I worry about my tie rods a lot more after reading thru the 25 pages of this thread.
  10. Stock Black Diamond Grabber tires with optional factory rims - feedback / photos?

    If you can’t tell which tires are 3” bigger then I wouldn’t spend 2k on bigger tires. Top one is non stock
  11. Stock Black Diamond Grabber tires with optional factory rims - feedback / photos?

    Mine have 200 miles on them and I’m going to try and get $600 for all 5 of mine.
  12. Amazon bumper

    At that price point it has to be very low quality metal/fabrication. I wouldn’t cheap out on a bumper for your 35k+ Bronco, but that’s just me
  13. Aeroskin lightshield pro

    I have the aeroskin 2 and haven’t had any windshield chips from road debris. Can I attribute it all to the aeroskin, no but I put it on shortly after I picked her up.
  14. MGV sucks

  15. MGV sucks

  16. Took delivery today

    We aren’t far off from that
  17. Took delivery today

    I’m specifically talking about ordering and getting hit with surprise ADM at pickup. Walking up is different I guess but still used car salesman type shit IMO