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  1. American made rock slider recommendations

    I have a set made by White Knuckle Offroad. They are designed, welded, powdercoated and shipped from Southern California. Absolutely great quality and sturdy as hell. They are frame mounted and super easy to install.
  2. NO New Bronco Retail Orders When 2023 Order Bank Opens 9/12. Dealer Stock and Converted Previous Orders Only.

    Not really old news as this was posted by Ford a few days ago but yea, no new retail orders. If you already had a reservation, you are being prioritized. If you do not already have a reservation, the only option would be dealer stock.
  3. Tie Rod Sleeve / Brace List

    Peak Suspension just released their sleeves too!
  4. Zero Ford programs for the Bronco…nothing.

    Wow, taking credit for other people's careers. What a shitty way to try to defend your own views. Only thing you can take credit here for is being Lieutenant Asshole.
  5. King 2.5 Bronco kit installed

    This is the only picture I got of Sasquatch vs kings for comparison
  6. King 2.5 Bronco kit installed

    I have had Kings installed for about a month now and the ride changed night and day. I did the fronts first and took me way longer than expected so I had to install the rears the following weekend. During the week, I had kings up front and Sasquatch shocks in the rear and going over bumps was a...
  7. Updated Photos: SVC's Rock Sliders and Bumpers!🔥🔥

    oof! Well maybe its in stock and ready to ship now lol
  8. Jtops shipping and order updates

    I currently have a Bestop installed and not entirely happy with it. One of the rear attachment points broke off so the rear section of the top has some slop to it that is very noticeable at highway speed so I am definitely interested in these JTops. If I were to order today, what would likely...
  9. Tipping Off Roadeo Instructors?

    same here. We were mid air a few feet away from the turn when he mentioned "this is the turned we talked about" lol
  10. Tipping Off Roadeo Instructors?

    the fun haver course was scary as shit but so much fun! Did they point out the turn where one instructor went off the road during his run?
  11. Lug Nuts retaining water?

    Used to be a Ford tech and yes, they will expand and round off. I would suggest replacing them now instead of when you need to change them out and you are stuck on the side of the road with a flat. A nice locking set can be found for less than $100 online. Even at your local tire shop maybe.
  12. Dealer insists it’s 6 quarts for oil change on my 2.7L

    LMAO you really expect a service department is going to go off of a thread online?
  13. Think im the 1st with a larger front mount intercooler

    An intercooler upgrade will not cause any increase in power as the air is still being cooled by ambient temperature. The larger volume will help combating heat soak so you do not lose power as intake air temperature increases during repeat heavy acceleration. Just helps maintain air intake...
  14. 2.5 King Shocks ordered

    On road feels very similar but bumps on the road are very forgiving. I am still playing with the dampening to get the best ride possible but they feel great.
  15. 2.5 King Shocks ordered

    I received mine 4 weeks ago and just installed them this past weekend. I upgraded from the sasquatch shocks and they make a world of a difference! So far, I am really enjoying them.
  16. The Bronlonius: A51 Sasquatch + JDM Wheels

    I find that rough roads feel a lot smoother. Hitting bumps on the road is not as jarring as the stock sasquatch shocks. For a week I had Kings in the front and stock sasquatch shocks in the rear as I took two weekends to complete the install. During that week, I felt a huge difference in ride...
  17. Lux/High Camera views with Warn winch

    The view of the sides and rear will still appear normal. The front section will show a stretched out winch at the front of the vehicle.
  18. The Bronlonius: A51 Sasquatch + JDM Wheels

    You will love Kings. I just installed a set this past weekend and still playing with the rebound adjustments to find the perfect balance.
  19. Bimini Mesh Top Comparison Showdown: Help!

    I have the Bestop Bimini shade that I got from Ford Accessories. It fits excellent but after a few days, one of the rear attachment hooks came apart. It uses straps similar to a backpack and the plastic hooks are sewn on. The stitching came off and the strap loosened up and now its loose...
  20. GAIA GPS + CarPlay = Blue Screen

    Are you sure your are not currently located in the middle of the ocean?