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  1. rws

    Mullinax Kissimmee Res holders

    @LeshMcG no worries... I've already received VIN and window sticker, as well as notice of "built". So, just waiting on transport at this point. :) The only thing missing is the picture of the Bronco coming off the assembly line... but hey, if the Bronco arrives, I can take my own pics.
  2. First Big Road Trip: Michigan Upper Peninsula to Copper Harbor & Isle Royale

    Awesome and inspiring trip @BroncoRick! I'm not familiar with the UP, but after seeing your trip post, this has now become top 3 on our list for adventures. As an aside, I live only 3 miles off US 41 in GA... I've driven it for a way both north and south... including down in the Miami area...
  3. rws

    Mullinax Kissimmee Res holders

    @LeshMcG you're not the last... I'm still waiting for my WildTrak :-) ... Congrats on your build date... at least it's an update and status change.
  4. Bronco Raptor coming to Rocket League

    Gaming and off-roading, or any other outdoor activities (paintball, bbq, kayaking, gardening to name a few) are NOT mutually exclusive. :) I can often be found at the controls of my Xbox spending a little gaming / quality time with my kids and family. This Bronco option may just bring me...
  5. FINALLY GOT MY BRONCO RAPTOR!!!! (Video Game Version)

    I first drove a Bronco on Forza Horizon 5... I'm pretty good in that game! :)
  6. FINALLY GOT MY BRONCO RAPTOR!!!! (Video Game Version)

    See... now I'ma have to go play Rocket League, and I suck at it!! :)
  7. Broncos on Corolla 4x4 Beach - Pics. Anyone interested in a Bronco Take-over sometime next summer?

    Adding Corolla, NC to our list of trip destinations for the coming year.
  8. Badlands vs. Wildtrak

    I started with Badlands... by the time I added 2.7, SAS, hard top, etc. it surpassed the WildTrak in cost. Yes, I know, 2 different vehicles, with 2 different primary uses, but in the end, for what I am looking to do, the WildTrak fit my needs better. And when the carpet gets ruined, and we...
  9. New Swag from Ford -- Weather Resistant Playing Cards

    Clearly mine was lost in the mail. :)
  10. How long do you plan to own your new Bronco?

    I plan on keeping it until I can't purchase fuel for it any longer, or I can't keep resurrecting it (assuming at some point it will stop running). I kept my Suburban for 15 years... it became a member of the family. I have the same irrational plans for the Bronco :cool:
  11. rws

    Georgia Bronco

  12. Central California to Yellowstone National Park & Grand Teton National Park!

    Bison, bear and Bald Eagle plus those views?! Fantastic!
  13. Solo Hammock Camping in the Bronco Badlands!

    "... wear little noisy bells..." so the bear can find you while you are running away! :)
  14. My custom Sleeping Platform / Storage Area

    Nice, simple and functional... well done!
  15. rws

    Georgia Bronco

    Congratulations! The Wildtraks are really starting to roll off the assembly line!
  16. Family Road Trip to Yellowstone via Bronco Turns into Quite an Adventure

    Amazing! And thanks for sharing. These are the types of trips & adventures we had / have in mind when we reserved our Bronco oh so long ago. Still waiting on ours... but hoping to soon be out there exploring like you and so many others!
  17. Price Protection PGM#38446

    While talking with Ford Customer service, I was given a certificate number for my price protection. I was informed that I needed to send it to the dealer, which I promptly did. It is my understanding that the price protection certificate will be used when the dealer is finalizing pricing (but...
  18. ADV launches their 5” fiberglass fender flares

    Although not something I'd go for... I can totally see the appeal and the coolness of the look and style.
  19. Factory Fog Light Switch

    I totally agree... unfortunately when I was building out my Wildtrak, I didn't see this one coming.
  20. PSA: Gas Tank Got Drilled by Gas Thieves [WARNING: NO PROMOTING VIOLENCE or POLITICS]

    In my dirtbike riding days, I've come across similar "terrorist" activities... wire stretched across a trail after a blind turn, box of roofing nails dumped on the downside of a small hill/jump... the degree to some people will go...