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  1. New SSM 51014 released by Ford explaining 2.7 engine dipstick confusion

    This is exactly why I parked my 2dr Big Bend w/2.7 and ordered a Badlands 2dr w/2.3.! I would NEVER drive a vehicle with a questionable dipstick, endangering the lives of my family and the innocent motorists, with correct dipsticks, that I share the road with.!! 🤪🤪
  2. Anyone come up with a fix for the dripping soft top into cab issue?

    All these nit-$hit add-ons that the aftermarket world is coming up with and nothing to fix this quirk leaves me SMH.! Our soft tops actually have a rain gutter, somewhat, sewn in the entire length of the top except for the first few inches starting at the windshield A pillar. This is a dumping...
  3. Havoc New Products For Bronco

    Some people use their thumb to cover the license plate when taking a photo of their ride. Hiding your tire size is a new one.! 🤣 Just razzin' you.! Awesome ride.! 💚 My 2 dr Badlands in E. Green should be in my garage in a couple weeks. Top'll be coming off first thing.!
  4. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    CSX Railroad said my 2 Dr Badlands made it to Louisville yesterday, 8/2/22 and will make to Nashville on 8/5/22. THEN…I get to see how long it takes to make it to Reddick Brown Ford in Morrison, TN..!!
  5. What Engine and Transmission come standard with the Sasquatch Package?

    2 years ago and not one person responded.!! I'm sure, if you actually ordered one, you have your Bronco by now and the answer to your question is sitting in your driveway.!! :)
  6. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    EVERYBODY......please remember to keep the spreadsheet updated.! We like to see the progress of all the others.!
  7. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    If you don’t have a reservation # you’re S.O.O.L. using that link.!
  8. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    I only see one "Charlie" in the spreadsheet. Says "Spring, TX" as delivery city and state. So is it coming to Stephens.?
  9. Ford of Clermont Florida - I'm Out

    The OP's original post has been edited in case anyone starts on page 6.! The dealer is doing the right thing.!
  10. Bronco fever breaks out at Las Vegas Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction - JULY 2022

    Probably the grill offered on the Australian early Broncos.! LOL.! Helifino.!
  11. Factory Trailer Brake Controller installation feedback

    There is an option. No need to remove console.!

    I bought mine thru Levittown Ford parts.
  13. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    This morning I deleted and then added back my ordered 2dr Badlands. Thought it might work. Still getting this.!

    I’ll have to pass on giving anymore technical advice.!! Mine has not acted any differently than before. I have pulled a trailer with brakes and it worked flawlessly.! Maybe, hook yours to a trailer with brakes so all systems can initialize/normalize and the onboard module family will recognize...

    My first thought is the brake controller is not the problem. Many people, myself included, have noticed these phantom clicking noises even before/without a brake controller. I’ll have to ask: is yours "approved" by Ford AND from Ford accessory parts division.?
  16. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    When I tap on activate it says "This feature not available until received at dealer." Or something like that.!
  17. Broncos Pulling Trailers Pics - Add Yours

    The Ford accessory brake controller works great.!
  18. Bestop Trektop Slantback Soft Top (Replaced Factory Soft Top)- Great!! .. Love it!! .. but be careful.. Pros & Cons Review

    This sagging makes me go..hmmmm.!! My rear seat passengers will love this.! I know there are instructions for pulling this out, BUT, will it stay there with buffeting wind.? My OEM soft top with the IAG lift struts is the most practical set up. Cost and functionality considered. LOVE how I...
  19. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    No movement in "Tracker" for me.!

    Just thought others may like to know that there is an option when installing the controller. My grandsons are like monkeys and have been known to climb over the console which I feel would inevitably render the control knob destroyed if placed per instructions. There is plenty of room to place...