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  1. 20 mpg in a Wildtrak

    17.8 over first 650 miles, mix of hwy/city in normal mode with premium 91. Could get better if I could stay out of boost, but that’s not happening!
  2. ROCKWORKX tool-less Hardtop Bolts

    top notch product!
  3. DELIVERY CHECKLIST (OCD Version) for Expectant Bronco Owners

    Ford will likely tell you the rust is normal and nothing to be concerned about; google "f150 rear differential rust"
  4. HOSS 3.0 suspension ride quality review

    tires on pickup were 47psi, i reduced to 37 and ride was significantly better!
  5. HOSS 3.0 suspension ride quality review

    Can attest to 4 dr with HOSS being crazy smooth ride. Did a high speed dirt road and handling was amazing soaking up washboard with ease!
  6. Which mudflaps are best for a 4dr Badlands Sasquatch?

    not bad, front were frustrating but everything does align well. The plastic trim screw will likely break but i used a plastic trim push retainer instead. Makes more sense if you watch an install video
  7. Which mudflaps are best for a 4dr Badlands Sasquatch?

    I installed the Mabet and have 2-3 inches from slider step.
  8. Havoc New Products For Bronco

    They bolt straight into factory rock rail location, no adapter needed. 6 bolts per side (2 per bracket)
  9. Havoc New Products For Bronco

    installed on 4dr, so far so good.
  10. Badlands vs. Wildtrak

    have a HOSS wildtrak and the on road handling is amazing, looking forward to many off road adventures. The leather is comfortable and equivalent to tremor f150 without getting overly hot. Not much rock crawling around here but plenty of fire roads getting to amazing fishing and hunting spots!
  11. Finally a Front License Plate bracket solution - order yours today

    Never use brushed automatic washes! Only touch free if you care about the paint
  12. For those golfers!

    Took delivery yesterday of 4 door Wildtrak. We rented Ford edge to drive and pickup Bronco and we’re able to fit 3 golf bags, 2 large duffle bags, 2 small collapsible coolers and couple other backpacks in Edge with minimal room to spare. Transferring everything to Bronco was a little game of...
  13. Granger did not disappoint!

    yes, they applied the 6xx.00 one as well, no waiting.
  14. Granger did not disappoint!

    We bought the wife’s sport April of 2021 from them, crazy how much they have grown in the last 15 months.
  15. Granger did not disappoint!

    it was there on 7/11, I contacted with date I was able to get there for pickup.
  16. Granger did not disappoint!

    luckily it was just washed but don’t think I didn’t do a double take 😅
  17. Granger did not disappoint!

    2 years of waiting and finally picked up the Bronco today! Granger was amazing, pricing with protection was exactly as expected, was able to sign before pickup and in/out in 30 minutes. What car buying should be like!
  18. Forum recommendation to add "hot deals, deals, great deals etc" section

    Other forums I frequent have sections for "hot deals" where forum members can post internet deals they found. Forum sponsors could also be allowed to post in this section if they have current coupon codes or specific manufacturer sales. Thoughts?
  19. Finally a Front License Plate bracket solution - order yours today

    paypal sent for capable, thanks!