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  1. New GOAT emblem from Ford Performance

    Not sure if this has been posted yet but these are pretty cool. Not sure I love the price for the size, but still pretty cool. Not sure when they’re available for purchase. Link:
  2. Coilovers for 22 black diamond?

    In my limited research I have found that King, Fox and Icon make aftermarket coil overs, are there any others I am missing? Anyone have real world experiences with these? I want a 2-3” lift but don’t want to sacrifice ride quality because of said lift. This seems to be the best of both worlds...
  3. Awning options for the soft top?

    Anyone figure out a awning for the soft top? Want one for tailgating but most options seem to be for the hardtop. I am getting a rear bumper with swing outs for the spare and the driver side will have a table. Looking for a awning solution to complete the tailgating situation
  4. Winch options?

    What winch are most of you going with? I’m not going off-roading weekly but also don’t want to buy one that’s crap. I’m new to this world as I have had cars before this. Is this winch any good...
  5. AFe Scorcher power module

    Does anyone have this module on their bronco? I’m looking at getting this, the hot and cold charge pipes (AFe makes some and so does K&N) and a intake once more are available...
  6. Replacement Torx screws

    Anyone know where to get black Torx screws, specifically the smaller of the two that go on the mirror hardware mounts? Somehow one of mine is slightly larger than the other in the Torx head and I want to replace it.
  7. Front Bumper installation

    Im about to pull the trigger on a aftermarket front bumper for my BD without the modular steel front bumper. Has anyone done this? Was installation difficult, or if you paid someone to do it! If so, what did it run you?
  8. Tire size

    What’s the largest tire I can put on my factory wheels on my black diamond with these And not have rubbing without a lift? I have about 5” from factory height before the bronco won’t fit in my garage anymore which is a no go. Ideally I would like 35s but...
  9. Train shipping times

    Those of you who have your Broncos, what was the shipment timeframe from Michigan to here?
  10. Those who upgraded the sound system

    If you have done this with a powered sub, what sub did you get? Where is it mounted or did you put it on the tailgate in a custom enclosure? I know the enclosure for the tailgate is $400, but it looks nice and keeps the sub off the floor in a box taking up much needed space.
  11. Florida Gearshade soft top 4 door

    I purchased this and am now going a different direction. Unopened/brand new. Asking $150 with free shipping
  12. Who has the MTIacustics encolosure with sub?

    I’m am about to pull the trigger on the enclosure and sub option. I wanted to do the JL13 but it’s discontinued, so I am opting for the 12”. I have the plug-and-play adapter with 17’ sub amp adapter on preorder with upgraded kicker speakers and kicker key 200.4 amp. Any one else have this on...
  13. Floor mats for vinyl floor?

    I don’t have my bronco yet but it’s scheduled to be built next month. Are those of us that have vinyl floors getting mats, or is it mostly unnecessary? I live in Florida so the top and doors will be off 99% of the time and the sand from the beach is all I really have to worry about.
  14. Fog lights or nudge bar with lights or both?

    I’m debating on getting the oracle fog lights on the group buy but am also looking at getting a nudge bar with lights too. Should I do one or the other or just say F It and get both? Not sure how either hook into the battery/controls is my only hesitation. When I say that I mean will I have to...
  15. 4/25/2022 build week group

    Looked around and haven’t seen one started for my group yet. Very happy to get news my Bronco is scheduled to be built! I feel lucky since I ordered back August 2nd 2021
  16. Am I reading my order correctly?

    Ok am I reading this correctly? Sure seems like I have a MIC hard top and a soft retractable top which seems really confusing to me. Am I missing something?
  17. Rough country 3.5” lift

    Anyone have this or another 3.5” lift on their Bronco? Curious to hear thoughts and any cons about this or any other 3.5” lifts? 3.5” is as high as I can go before the Bronco won’t fit in the garage anymore.