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  1. Trail Sight Delete by DeeZee - Finally

    DeeZee’s are going back. Poor fit. Lousy finish. Not befitting my Bronco.
  2. First dent

    Maybe - but since you haven’t washed it in months are you that concerned with how it looks? A dirty car makes me nuts and I wash frequently - but that’s me. You do you - go ahead and let it patina!
  3. What color to paint my B R O N C O grill lettering

    I checked out the link for the letters. Good news - the ebay ad says it will help keep them from rusting. I’ve been worried about those plastic letters rusting since I bought it. Lol
  4. New GOAT emblem from Ford Performance

  5. Sneak peek of our new bumpers and 3rd brake light (KHC OFF ROAD PERFORMANCE).

    I see the frame for the bumper - when will they be installing a nice looking bumper cover on it??
  6. Frustrating Door Removal Process

    I had the same issue - not much clearance. I bought an electric socket wrench from ac delco on Amazon. Problem solved.
  7. Bronco Trail Sight Delete – Test Fitting

    Yup. DZs suck. Poor machining and gaps. Top surface not smooth - like profile was messed up when someone tried to get the soft arc correct, but blew it and got a hard edge. I’ll wait for your rerun. These are going back.
  8. Random Accessories

    These are back on Amazon. Ordered mine last week and it showed up today.
  9. Eibach Coil-Over Lift Kits JUST released!! Take a LOOK!!!

    Just found these on Redline360 for $1399 with a $41 discount for being a new customer. All in with shipping and tax $1440 bucks.
  10. Bronco Trail Sight Delete – Test Fitting

    I just ordered the set of DZ‘s for 120 bucks off of eBay. They are still made of aluminum. You had a great idea with the product but 385 is awful strong when I can get the aluminum set, not plastic, for a third of the price. Kudos for being first to market, but had to save the $265.
  11. Trail Sight Delete by DeeZee - Finally

    Thanks for the link. I just ordered them and they were $113. They only have a few sets left according to the site.
  12. Sneak peek of our new bumpers and 3rd brake light (KHC OFF ROAD PERFORMANCE).

    Come on Dale, just tell us how much and don’t make us call. Thx
  13. Bronco Raptor Grill part available soon? (Photos)

    I’m interested for my BD. I prefer Ford on the front versus bronco. I love my Bronco, but I think just Ford is simpler and I prefer it over the bronco on the grill. I appreciate Bronco history and love the truck, but FORD says ‘beefy’. And the letters for bronco in my opinion are too small and...
  14. TurboSmart Blow Off Valve Exit Orientation

    That was the problem, good call. Wanted the one that vents to atmosphere but was sent the plumb back/recirculate version. Thx.
  15. TurboSmart Blow Off Valve Exit Orientation

    Does yours work well/ I installed my Turbosmart bov and I can’t really hear it at all. Also, I thought I needed to remove the tube/hose that runs from the pipe where the bov mounts back to the intake (the 8 inch rubber hose w the 2 spring clips. I thought that was where the air/pressure...
  16. Sasquatch beadlock rings from KMC

    No inspection - I think I will like Michigan!
  17. Painted my beadlock beauty rings gloss black (Sasquatch wheels)

    I used these - for 5 wheels I got 2 sets - they are $101 per set on Amazon.
  18. Sasquatch beadlock rings from KMC

    I had these KMC Grenades on my Jeep - my beadlock rims were stamped “off road use only” which was an issue for state inspection - just an FYI. it is engraved deeply on the trim ring. I know KMC makes a true beadlock (which I had) and a fake beadlock - so maybe the fake trim ring isn’t stamped ...
  19. This is a terrible idea.

    Looks like a traxxas. U du u.