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  1. Transmission skid plate for 2.3L (no cross braces)

    I’m looking for a transmission skid plate not designed to hang down below or bolt on to the cross braces on the 2.7L. So far I’ve just seen ASFIR, but it is a very narrow plate. Not looking to decrease my clearance for space I don’t need. Am I missing any other skids that aren’t made for the...
  2. Rockjock swaybar

    Anyone have experience with the Rockjock swaybar in a Jeep? My current plan is to replace my stock bar with a Rockjock bar if and when they start making them for the Bronco. For those who are interested, please let Rockjock know. RockJock 4x4 by John Currie
  3. Quietest high clearance muffler for the 2.3?

    I'm looking for the quietest high clearance muffler for those who have heard a few of them in person. I like the simplicity of the 0FG system, but the clips I've heard harken to the typical rice burner/fart can sound. I'm leaning toward the Magnaflow Overland series. Mostly, I don't need or...
  4. Jump(push) starting 2.3l MT

    Just thought I'd ask before I need to know, but any issues jump/push starting the Bronco? Every manual I've owned had a key and could have the ignition turned on even with a dead (or no) battery. What will be the procedure for push starting the Bronco with a completely dead battery?
  5. Decent trails in Snowbird Resort, Utah area?

    My wife has a conference in June at the Snowbird Resort in Utah. I'm thinking of driving out for a few days while she is there. Are there decent trails in that area that I can spend a couple hours on? I imagine there will be stuff going on at the resort that she will want me to attend, so I'm...
  6. Wife just bought a Genesis GV70

    Any other GV70 owners here? Anything I should know? My wife was choosing between the Volvo XC60, Audi Q5, Mercedes GLC, and the GV70. OK, she actually wanted a Macan, but I just had to be an ass and say no. Vehicles are hard to get these days and almost impossible to custom order. The GV70...
  7. Rear bumper with spare tire mount

    I'm wanting to start a list of manufacturers with rear bumpers of whatever design that include a spare tire mount, swing out or otherwise for people looking to upgrade bumper and get the spare off the rear gate. So far this is what I know is in the works but not available yet: BayAreaMetalFab...
  8. Arkansas Sold: WTB takeoff BL or Squatch coilovers

    I’m looking for complete takeoff front and rear coilovers from a Badlands or Squatch. Needs to be from a 2dr 2.3.
  9. M190, TrueTrac, 4.88s

    Is this doable right now for the front M190 of the Bronco? I'm assuming it's possible to change gears on the rear E locker, but has anyone seen what is and what is not welded?
  10. Kodiak's BS, riding around with dogs, day drinking, and sometimes working on the Bronco thread

    My Boy Blue Reserved 7/13/20, blend date 7/13/21, shipped Oct 5, delivered Nov 5 Basic Black Diamond 2DR 2.3L MT Velocity Blue, NO options Birthday: The day Blue came home Toyo ATIII 255/80/17 Badlands Bilstein shock and springs Camburg rear lower trailing arm Icon rear track bar...
  11. Axle centerline to fender measurement

    I'm trying to start a database for axle centerline to fender measurements to start comparing lifts. If anyone gets a chance to measure a Bronco, measure from the center of the front axle (or center of wheel) to the fender. Please note which model it was, 2dr or 4dr, 4cyl or 6cyl, squatch or no...
  12. Aviation Photo and BS thread

    OK, I know there are a lot of cool pilots on here (aren't all pilots cool?). Lets see some pictures. Really want to see some of those fighter pilot daily rides. Anyone on floats? One of my favorite $100 hamburger spots:
  13. Arkansas Your Badlands wheels/tires for my Sasquatch wheels/tires

    This is way early I know, but assuming I get to order my mansquatch in December, I will want to trade my wheels/tires for the stock badlands wheels/tires plus cash. Not sure yet how much cash, but factoring in wider, beadlock capable wheels and bigger tires, I think somewhere between $1,000-$1200.
  14. Differential gear ratio calculator

    I see a lot of questions on gears and thought I would post this link: Don't just look at one of those generic charts based on a 1:1 drive ratio. I think this is one of the best calculators out there to see what YOUR vehicle will really do. I see so many...
  15. Goose Gear will make rear seat delete

    I talked to the guys at Goose Gear and they already plan to make a rear seat delete setup for the Bronco. Can't wait!
  16. Rock Rails

    Well, not impressed with the rock rails. They certainly aren’t sliders and appear to be bolted to the body and not the frame. Hopefully I can sell mine to someone getting a base model. Will buy a decent set of sliders once available.