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  1. Hard top Folks wishing they got a Soft Top?

    Wondering how many of you regret the hard top, and not because of any of the quality issues? When I bought my first Jeep, the day 1 JK for 2007 4 door, I ordered the combo hardtop and soft top. Basically the hard top sat around taking up garage space for a year, then I sold it. NEVER used it...
  2. California Looking to trade my Sasquatch fender flares for Non-Sasquatch flares

    looking to swap my SAS to regular, am in Northern California. Just got my FE 5 days ago, so they are brand new, Bronco has 20 miles and hasnt been offroad or in the rain yet. Im close to Modesto but drive for work all up and down from Sac to Fresno, and bay area
  3. Ford takes down First Edition build option

    Looks like the First Edition is completely gone from the build options as of today. It was there this morning as I was looking at some accessories
  4. Heritage Ford Modesto - New FE Arrived!

    Picked up my FE today, day 1 reservation, got my 200,000 points and a $495 discount. Not even a HINT of any markup whatsoever.