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  1. Searching for ForScan assistance in Ohio

    I am searching for someone experienced with ForScan in Ohio, preferably central area, that may be willing to assist with editing a few 2022 Bronco settings, please. Specifically, enabling factory Fog Light switch to factory plug in Mod Bumper, disabling double honk, and enabling full range to...
  2. Ford Perimeter Plus Vehicle Security System

    I am sure there are multiple threads that have shared, but I am just hoping to get clarification. If I have a High Package OBX, what benefit would I gain by picking up the Ford Perimeter Plus additional component? For $235 plus installation, I would like to know for sure. Bottom line, is it...
  3. Ohio Brand New 2022 Shadow Black 4-Dr Black Diamond SASQUATCH w/ 7-Speed Manual **For Sale**

    Brand New 2022 Shadow Black 4-Dr Black Diamond SASQUATCH w/ 7-Speed Manual **For Sale** $58,525. Will not last! First deposit tags it SOLD! PM or call me directly 614.383.4686. (Disclaimer: I don’t set pricing so don’t shoot the messenger! Just sharing in the community. ) 🍻
  4. Ohio Sold: 2021 *First Edition* For Sale!

    For Sale! Selling gently used Lightning Blue Metallic *First Edition* w/all accessories and documentation. Only 1,464 miles. Now $88,786.
  5. Ohio Sold: Brand New 2.7L Black Diamond SAS for sale!

    **Brand New**Black Diamond -2.7L -Area 51 - Sasquatch FOR SALE! Asking $64,615. First $500 deposit marks it SOLD!
  6. Ohio Sold: *Brand New* Area 51- 2022 Big Bend

    **Brand New** 2022 Ford Bronco 4Dr - Big Bend 2.3L Auto - Mid Package w/Signature Lighting, Tube Steps, Auxiliary Switches! Should be here before month end. Asking $52,255. Please DM me if interested or email me at [email protected] This won’t last long! As a B6G member, I ask that you be...
  7. Ohio Sold: Gently USED - 2021 Ford Bronco Advanced Outer Banks FOR SALE.

    The Ford dealership I work for just acquired a 2021 Ford Bronco Advanced HIGH/LUX w/ 2.7L Auto. Has 9,243 miles on it. Asking $65,485. You can contact me at [email protected] if interested or call 614.383.4686. I have been told the price is “firm” considering what we paid to acquire it 🤷‍♂️. We...
  8. Help on Tire & Wheels supplier?

    Hey gang! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Ready to pull the trigger on some larger tires (KO2’s) and potentially, rims too for my OBX non-SAS arriving soon. Looking for recommendations on who to order from online, please? Any online retailer I should avoid? ( I am a Military veteran...
  9. 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands "Mannequin" for Sale!

    Hey gang. I know that many aren't keen on paying over MSRP for Bronco, but I felt that I should at least post this. This is the General Managers decision with regard to pricing and NOT my own. For the record, I too, am waiting for a Bronco that is sitting on the mountain. :confused: The...
  10. Tire help for OBX stock rims

    Can anyone tell me which would likely look “larger” or more aggressive, or at least their recommendations between the two. Mostly Highway use. More for aesthetics. I am concerned about installing the 285’s because the rim size says 8, and I know the OBX is 7.5.