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  1. New toys (Lego)!

  2. I need my Bronco.

    That is all.
  3. Easter egg?

    Is that an easter egg I see, there?
  4. The perfect gift for the ManSquatcher in your life...
  5. NH buyers, what dealership are you planning to use?

    I was going with Autofair Ford, in Manchester; but they are assholes, who do not value loyalty. So, where are you planning to buy yours; and what deals have you worked out?
  6. No manual per doctor's orders

    I saw my orthpedist, today, for a torn achilles tendon (surgery in the Spring). I told him I am buying the new Bronco and asked him if he would okay with me getting a standard transmission. He replied, "please, don't." I asked if he meant for now or forever. He said, "forever." With the damage I...
  7. Kodiak Brown...

    What happened to Kodiak Brown? The pamphlet still shows it as an available color.