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  1. BuckinT29

    SoCal Broncos

    Selling my 2022 4dr WT, $78k OBO... Area 51, Lux, Hardtop, tube steps, leather seats, tow capabilities.
  2. California 2022 Bronco Wildtrack 4D Hardtop, Area 51, 2.7, Sasquatch, Lux, Leather, 78k OBO

    Just arrived today in SoCal and will have less than 100 miles. Lux Package - (Equipment Group 354A) - Includes: 12" LCD Capacitive Touchscreen with Swipe Capability; 360-Degree Camera; Additional Sound Deadening; Forward Sensing System; Information on Demand Panel (included in SYNC® 4 with...
  3. 💰 2022 Bronco Raptor Starting Price: $69,995

    Very nice- hoping I can get one. Ford still trying to dump that Navy interior though..
  4. Bronco's unexpected quirks. What'cha got!?

    Grab handle placement in the back seat. Prefer if they were overhead.
  5. For those with some miles on their Bronco, do you have any regrets on trim package or options chosen?

    Having an FE my advice is to go Lux and Sasquatch. The ride difference and comfort of Lux is really good. Comparing this to a Wrangler and a standard bronco package.
  6. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Any one install their front plate yet, Did you use factory or aftermarket bracket? What location on the bumper?
  7. Who used a trade towards their bronco and how did it work?

    If your just placing an order now the value of your current vehicle when your bronco delivers is too far out. Do not do a dealer trade, they will low ball. Carvana gave me the highest offer compared to vroom, carmax car buyer usa, etc… I didn’t even consider a stealership trade. You can submit...
  8. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Was quoted $6500 full wrap for xpel ppf….
  9. BuckinT29

    SoCal Broncos

    Cheers to the fellow Bronco(4dr, carbon grey, after market wheels) I saw on the 405 S /105 fwy this evening. Trizzle in the 4dr FE
  10. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Sasquatch package in person is badass. I saw a bronco without it and I was not impressed. I was not expecting it to look this Fckn good.. Pic is my delivery reaction as they backed it in our driveway.
  11. Bronco vs Wrangler: Which is best? (MotorTrend)

    IMO bronco and wrangler are almost even if the bronco has standard equipment. Bronco blows it out of the water when you get all the upgrades.. Sasquatch is insanely good. I saw a non squatch bronco and I wasn’t impressed. When I took my delivery of my FE I was blown away, it’s so good. 2.7 is...
  12. Ford Financing rates - anyone know what Ford's current APR is for Tier 1 credit?

    DM me and I will send you a referral to join when you’re ready to finance 1.99% without direct deposit, 1.49% with it.
  13. Ford Financing

    1.49% with my CU…
  14. Just as a bit of advice to everyone on here, don't bankrupt yourself trying to get a Bronco

    $0 down 65 months 1.49%, added gap. coverage for one time fee of $295. if anyone wants a referral to my credit union, DM me.
  15. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Mines at the dealer, taking delivery next week. Locked in 1.49% for 65 with my credit union.. if anyone wants a referral to join dm me..