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  1. Newest Looks at Eruption Green Bronco Raptor

    Eruption Green looks like a winner . Lightning Blue would be my first choice if it was available, but I could definitely see myself behind the wheel of Eruption Green. The rear fender flar still looks like a after market bolt on, just less noticable with the darker colors. If only Ford could...
  2. Raptor options

    Guessing a few upgrades will be recaro seats, Upgraded rims, Upgraded sound system and Graphics. I'm thinking around $80K for all the bells and whistles.
  3. Fix to stop MIC hard top popping sound issue [how-to DIY video]

    Extremely happy you posted this video. Thank You! Heading to O' Riley tomorrow to pick up the shrink wrap. The popping noise is driving me crazy. My dealer sprayed some lube on the pins that only lasted a week.
  4. Taking Delivery of our 2022 Badlands Eruption Green 4 Door MIC Top

    Congrats! Beautiful color. If I decide to order a Bronco Raptor I'm going with Eruption Green. Enjoy!
  5. Ford totaled my First Edition.

    Sorry to hear about your FE. Hope it all works out for you. IMO Ford should be giving you a Bronco Raptor for what you were paying for your First Edition.
  6. 📸 Now See 2022 Bronco Raptor in Velocity Blue & Shadow Black With Painted Fender Flares!

    It's going to be real hard to let go of my Lightning Blue FE. But I think a Eruption Green Bronco Raptor will be looking real nice next to my Raptor Truck.
  7. First Edition Bronco Thread

    D-day final here. Took delivery on Saturday of the two First Edition. Cactus Gray went to my son and I kept the lighting Blue. CG was perfect but never ended up at dirt mountain. On the other hand LB had three stone chips on the hood and two on the drivers door. The dealership has offered to...
  8. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Definitely keeping both. The LB is for me and the CG is for the wife and 3 kids to fight over. No plans yet for any mods. After the long wait I think we're all going to be more than happy to drive them stock for a while.
  9. First Edition Bronco Thread

    The long wait is finally over. Both First Editions arrived at my dealership at the Sametime. The Lightning Blue got stuck at Dirt Mountain for a couple of months. Aliitle dirty, but beggars can't be choosers. Quick pic from my dealer. Hopefully I'll have them both home by the weekend.
  10. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    Things might be looking up. Still no built date, but I did get a delivery date of 10/29. At this stage in the game I'll take what ever I can get. For the record I had a 6/29 blend date.
  11. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    9/30 blend date, still showing in production. But have a 10/26 delivery date. It's showing on the dealer website, not sure how I feel about that. Especially since I texted my salesman this morning and still haven't heard back. It's a FE listed at MSRP on their site, wondering how many calls they...
  12. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    Recieved window sticker today. 9/30 blend date with a 6769 rotation number. Cactus FE, reservation on 7/13/20 @ 11:00.
  13. 🛠 9/27 Build Week Group

    Ditto, 9/27 build week 4 door FE. Showing in production but no window sticker. Mean while my other FE is stuck in dirt mountain. It'll be interesting to see which one gets delivered first.
  14. First Edition Bronco Thread

    Lol, I have a Raptor on order and it's the same deal. The production date has moved back about 4 times so far, currently at 10/18. My LB FE is stuck on Dirt mountain and my Cactus FE has a 9/27 production date.. Very frustrating, but life goes on. I'm just hoping to get them by the end of year...
  15. LIGHTNING BLUE Bronco Club

    Gorgeous Ride! Gotta know where you bought grille lightning, bumper lightning and pod lightning. Waiting for my 4 dr Lightning Blue FE to get off of Dirt mountain. After seeing your Bronco the lights will be my first mode, nicely done.
  16. Video: White Wildtrak with white painted hardtop and painted bumpers

    A different look, but not for me. Looks like they were copying the Wrangler High Altitude Edition. I think I'll wait for my Lightning Blue FE.
  17. Broncos stored as far as one can see @ Wayne, MI 🔭

    Unfortunately those of us with builds and no delivery date, now know were our Bronco's are sitting.
  18. [Update 7/30] Ready to roll: MAP readies for "full speed" Bronco production as questions loom

    Thanks for the tip, I'm a half hour from that dealer. Might have to take a ride over there this weekend and check it out.
  19. Test drove a Mannequin today !

    Sorry guys, I guess I was to excited waiting for the salesmen to return with the keys. Lost my focus on taking pics, all I could think about was the test drive. But dammmmmmmm it was one hell of a ride.
  20. Test drove a Mannequin today !

    The local dealer received a mannequin this week, so I had to take it for a 20 minute test drive. I won't get in a long review, but these new Bronco's are awesome. It drove like a dream. Every thing you want in a 4 x 4 plus everything you want in a daily driver. I can not wait to get mine, super...