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  1. LiteBrite and NextVentureMotorsports bumpers and armor video

    Someone may have responded, but they did say that the front bash plate was separate from the new bumper and would work with the factory Mod bumper.
  2. 5 small things I’ve found out about my Bronco.

    Just installed the IAG rear cupholders and am much happier!
  3. Rattling coming from top right area

    Good chance it is the plastic "cover" just below the top latch point. It has a fair amount of slack in it and can rattle pretty good.
  4. Independence Day the ARB way: GIVEAWAY! -- Limited BP-51 Edition ARB High Output Portable Compressor (CLOSED)

    Pool party yesterday. Today was pressure washing and then went and saw Top Gun Maverick. Great movie!
  5. BTomorama

    Georgia Bronco

    Welcome! Glad more and more are hitting the roads!
  6. BTomorama

    Georgia Bronco

    Hell yeah!
  7. Soft Top Issues

    Unfortunately that looks like sun bleaching. Do you leave your top open in the sun a lot? It's really a cosmetic thing. You could tape/tarp up the top and apply some nice even sprays of black on it and fix it right up.
  8. TESTING - SASQUATCH VERSION 3.0 -- 5 x 20” Fuel SFJ (black) wheels, Nitto Ridge Grappler tires

    Yeah, they scammed you on those "Ridge Grapplers". Nice "aggressive" street tire though!
  9. Krista from Buckle Up Buttercup visits IAG Performance - Shop tour and new products sneak peek video

    By reading his threads, I would disagree. It's more a case of "if it's made in China then it will likely be sold by 20 people" regardless 9f who design it first.
  10. Bronco vs Wrangler Research Study: conquest, defection, market share and customer profile comparison

    The car that I traded in was a Nissan Rogue. Now I can't imagine that I ever had that CUV.
  11. Metro Atlanta

    One of the lucky early deliveries. Lithia Springs Ford, but I live in SW Atlanta in the West End (ish) area.
  12. Recommended Atlanta Area Dealer For Ongoing Maintenance?

    West of 285 is Lithia Springs Ford. Purchased mine there and done some minor maintenance (soft top TSB). Great in every way so far.
  13. Brittany Blue Bronco Heritage Build

    Ironically, an ad in this thread is for a perfectly color matched pair of shoes. You can accessorize!
  14. Soft top owners be aware

    Then there is something fishy unless they slashed more than the panels. Them slashing more than the plastic windows makes even less sense.
  15. Black plastic trim , trim levels

    Katskin is your best bet for the custom seats. For the wheels, I would just have a local shop powder coat them to a darker/different color. Will totally change the appearance and will be MUCH cheaper than a new set of 5.
  16. Is the 360 degree camera worth it?

    I'm guessing Ford has added restrictions due to the chip shortage. May be worth checking in occasionally to see if it can be added before you get a build date.