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  1. Bimini side covers?

    I plan to roll around most of the year with just the Bimini top. I'd like to also have the doors off but I'm worried out UV interior damage when my Bronco is parked at work. First, does the Bimini top provide some UV protection for the interior? If it does, has anyone seen a product for jeeps...
  2. Tonneau Cover

    Does anyone have the Ford Tonnea (as they spell it) cover? It looks like it buckles down on the exterior. My Jeep Patriot had one where the housing hooked into the interior sides. The cover would then roll out and hook into the sides as well. I'm looking for some pictures to see exactly what...
  3. Installing light bar with roof rails?

    It looks like a light bar wires and mounts to the same places that the roof rails mount to. Is there a way to have both and be able to remove the rails (and hard top) without removing the bar?
  4. Made the Switch

    I had a 2 DR BL with Sas/Tow/Mid/2.7 and roof rails. With a 10/30 reservation, I wasn't expecting mine this year. Switched to a 4 DR Base with Sas/Aux/2.7 and modular bumper. Crossing my fingers! If nothing in the next month, I'll have the '22 build and price to consider. I couldn't justify the...
  5. Base vs. Badlands Dilemma. Please read then vote!

    Hello all, I have a 2 DR BL on order with a 10/30 reservation. Mid/Sas/Tow. I have compiled a list of what I would be giving up if I switched to a base (other than Mid package content). This is partly me wanting a smaller payment and a bronco sooner. I don't need a Bronco for anything, but I'm...
  6. Realistically...

    I have a 10/30 reservation for a 2DR BL with Sas/Mid/Tow/2.7. If I change back to a 4 DR with a soft top and all the same options, how likely could I see a 2021, considering they may run out of buildable retail units?
  7. TRACKER: California Dealer Pricing

    Before we know it, most of us will be converting our orders to a 2022 model. I would like to see a thread for each state letting everyone know what various dealers are charging. These threads might help people with their price negotiations. ***Please edit original post and refrain from posting...
  8. Communication Today?

    Does anyone know if we're getting a "F--- all of you and stay the course" email today?
  9. Late Bronco reservation and a late ???? reservation

    I have a 10/30 reservation for a Bronco and a 06/30/21 reservation for a Cybertruck. Who wants to take bets on which I'll see first? 🤣😂
  10. Flag Flying Options

    A forum member had a great idea and I would like it to be here for those who are looking for a similar solution. If you want to fly a flag from your Bronco but don't want to damage it, it was recommended to take a high quality digital photo and send it to a flag sublimation company. I was...
  11. Built w/o a VIN?

    I understand that a VIN is issued once all parts are secured. Is it possible that an order is built and being held in the corral (awaiting a chip or hardtop) without receiving a VIN?