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  1. Rough country rock lights

    Is that for rock lights or the pillar lights.?
  2. Rough country rock lights

  3. Rough country rock lights

    Anybody install them that has the accessory switches? How did you wire them? The harness is made for their switch and I can't seem to figure out how to modify it to work.
  4. PSA about Ford’s worthless tailgate table

    Yeah the jack nuts on the ford table are trash. All mine stripped and I had to buy new hardware. Also had to add some foam from furniture sliders to make it so it didn't rattle. Works great now.
  5. CV axle BUSTED

    When I did my 3" zone kit I was dumb and didn't knock the hub out. Ended up jumping on the hub to get the strut out...and boom the cv joint busted loose... to the point the hub was completely disconnected. Key to get it back will seem impossible... undo the boot clamp and push it back so...
  6. Fender Flare Delete and Painting Mounting Strip DIY?

    I have them...was over it after a couple days. A few paint chips and the fear of breaking others windows was too much for me. Looked cool. But was a waist of money for me.
  7. first 1000 mile factory oil change? worth it?

    Did my first at 1000. Ford pass points should cover a ford credit card for my down payment then instantly paid it off. Got enough ford pass points from it for at least 9 or 10 oil changes.
  8. Placed my soft top windows flat on a soft pvc rack for two days. Back window looks creased and has bulges

    I had a bad one from a chair pushing against it on a long road trip. Thought it was ruined. Hour in the sun and boom. Popped right back.
  9. HOSS 3.0 Suspension Bronco Wildtrak Brought Home Today! (Photos)

    You can make a badlands a wildtrak but you can't make a wildtrak a badlands...wildtrak looks the best...but sway bar disconnect is key for anything besides dune running. When you disconnect offroad there is a noticeable difference in ride quality and articulation. Sometimes I'll be going down a...
  10. Dirt Drag Race - Bronco 2.7 vs Wrangler 3.6

    Out at the dunes a couple of weeks ago I raced a ram, jeep, and a couple tacomas, was shorter race than this. I got dead last all 4 times. They would all take off wayyyy faster, then I'd almost catch them at the end. Was in baja mode. Super slow off the line. Was embarrassing lol. They loved it.

    I got my bronco Nov 21. I got a cracked windshield on the drive home lol. On my 3rd. Both cracks came from traffic coming towards me.
  12. Soft top separating / splitting / tearing issue!?! (Update. It got even worse!!)

    It's been over 100 here for about a week. Parked outside all day and mine is fine.
  13. Ford updated the soft top clips recently

    Would like for the ability to tighten them to pull the wrinkles out. Also over time my velcro is starting to get weaker. Worried in a year or so it will no longer stick. Top has some awesome features but still needs some work.
  14. ARB Giveaway! ARB edition TRED Pro recovery boards (CLOSED)

    I'm in! Got stuck at the dunes this weekend and these recovery boards would have done the trick.
  15. Little dune running

  16. Soft top in the back position

    When I velcro mine it I don't. I've had it down 30 or 40 times now with no issues.