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  1. Anyone running 1 inch wheel spacers?

    I really, really didn't want to get mud flaps, but I love these. You don't even notice they are there. They didn't detract from the look at all.
  2. Anyone running 1 inch wheel spacers?

    No noticeable change in ride or handling. I installed an IAG full-length running boards ( and Mabett front mud flaps (, so...
  3. Welp, Today Sucks....

    You hang in there, ok? Eric
  4. I wish I ordered….

    Me too. If I could do anything over, it would be to leave the tow package on my order. Having it done at the dealer is a little bit of a pain, sadly.
  5. Mabett front mud flaps installed

    I initially feared I had overdone it with the 1.25" spacers and was wishing I'd gone with 1". They have grown on me. Plus, I'm splitting hairs at this point. The 0.25" difference must be virtually indistinguishable.
  6. Mabett front mud flaps installed

    I installed the fronts on my Badlands | SAS with 1.25" BORA spacers installed. I got a little rubbing when backing out of a driveway and turning. The tire was catching the part that juts in and around the crash bar that is not there. So, I removed them and sliced off half the thickness of that...
  7. Anyone running 1 inch wheel spacers?

    My Badlands | SAS with 1.25" BORA aluminum spacers from Stage 3 Motorsports.
  8. Question for the lucky SOB’s that have their Broncos!!

    Me too. The manual is easy and the vinyl is excellent.
  9. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    Out with the old, in with the new. We are now a two-Bronco household! And a big "Thank you" to Justin at Dave Sinclair Ford for being a pleasure to work with.
  10. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    My Badlands arrived over the weekend and my son and I made a custodial visit yesterday which included an inagural drive, which was fun. After the bank wires the money, I will be able to bond it out and take it home, probably Thursday!
  11. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    Dealer called today. My Bronco arrived yesterday and they will do prep on Monday. Also on Monday I'll go in to see it and finalize paperwork etc. As soon as my bank wires the money, I'll be good to go. Probably Wednesday or Thursday pick up.
  12. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    I'm June 29 - July 5. I haven't followed up about rail cars, etc., so I guess I'll just be surprised when it arrives.
  13. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    Well, this is very interesting. I'm in St. Louis, so our Broncos have GOT to be on the same train, right?
  14. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    My modules populated (still pretending to know what that means), so I guess my BL is in a parking lot awaiting its rail car south. I have not received an email from Ford and was still hoping for an assembly line picture; maybe those will come today. I'm just happy my Bronco appears to have come...
  15. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    Me too. Today is the the day! If they are still doing the picture thing, be sure to post yours.
  16. Side Shot Saturday...

    Thank you very much. That will probably be my first task when I hopefully take delivery this summer (scheduled build week of May 30)
  17. Side Shot Saturday...

    What mud flaps did you put on the front? Those look perfect - unobtrusive yet effective.