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  1. 🔎 Bronco Ordertrack App -- Thank you!

    Yes it automatically updates for Convoy. Rail is not available via any accessible methods online. This must be found via a phone call.
  2. 🔍 New Bronco Order Tracker (Status, Shipping, Window Sticker & More)

    Sorry for the late reply. Time in status is the amount of time your vehicle has been in a particular status according to ordertrack. The estimate is an estimated amount of time your vehicle will spend in that status based on how long other similar vehicles have spent in that status. The...
  3. Big thanks (again) to the ordertrack creator @AndIAreSo

    Aww I appreciate the shout out! It’s been a fun experience for me and I hope it helps others feel a bit better about the long build times! My Explorer is set to be born on the 15th this month so I finally get to use my own app haha.
  4. Freak'n Finally

    Ooh the white looks so nice! I was really debating between the red, white, and blue (ironic) but we got to see the metallic blue and it looked really nice in person.
  5. Freak'n Finally

    Haha I know it’s not a Bronco, but excited nonetheless! I still really want one. I’m trying to convince my wife that that should be her next car!
  6. Freak'n Finally

    That’s what I’m hoping! I’d assume at this point Ford has figured out not to start vehicles they can’t finish. But who knows! 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. Freak'n Finally

    Thank you! We can’t wait for our daughter to get here!
  8. Freak'n Finally

    Sorry I don’t think I posted it: 2022 Ford Explorer ST The badlands edition also looks really nice! Good picks
  9. Freak'n Finally

    Thank you! Supposedly the production date is September 19th. Our baby is due end of August so we just missed our delivery date, but at least we know it's going to come soon 🤞 The more I see the Sasquatch edition Bronco though, the more I feel like we should have ordered that! Ultimately we...
  10. Freak'n Finally

    Hey guys, Ordertrack creator here ( This is sort of off topic since I'm originally an Explorer ST orderer, but officially today my vehicle received a VIN! I'm so pumped and had to share! I originally ordered December 23rd, but the dealer submitted my order incorrectly. I found...
  11. 🔎 Bronco Ordertrack App -- Thank you!

    Hey y’all, I don’t know what’s going on right now but my internet service provider has completely gone down in my neighborhood. I am out of town until tomorrow, but I imagine Ordertrack will be intermittently available for the next day. I’ll update soon —JohnMark
  12. Date Night — Finally (Ordertrack Guy)

    Hey guys! Long time since I posted! My wife and I have been so busy lately prepping for our new baby with finishing our basement and putting in our nursery that we haven't had much of the time to go on a date! Well, Kaylee and I finally made it out on a couple of dates! Last night was the...
  13. 🔎 Bronco Ordertrack App -- Thank you!

    On-hold is a shipping status and is not part of the calculation.
  14. 🔎 Bronco Ordertrack App -- Thank you!

    If the top says delivered, it’s there. I knew before my dealer knew! edit: additionally, they were curious how I knew because the delivered email doesn’t send until they have intaked the vehicle.
  15. 🔍 New Bronco Order Tracker (Status, Shipping, Window Sticker & More)

    On-Hold comes from the shipping provider and unfortunately I don't know more than that. Best guess is that it just refers to the vehicle not being ready yet for delivery?? Don't know. Others may know more if they are in the shipping world.
  16. Ordertrack - My wife and I finally made it out for dinner!

    My wife and I finally made time to go on a mini-date this last weekend! Unfortunately it was just me enjoying a beer (Sweet Child of Vine), but we both shared a brick-fire pizza together (she is now 22 weeks pregnant)! I really appreciate all of the support over the last month as it has...
  17. 🔍 New Bronco Order Tracker (Status, Shipping, Window Sticker & More)

    I’m pretty sure I’m using the wrong date for the order date
  18. Ordertrack Issues - Sorry

    That would be a good feature! I could strip out the VINs and order numbers and output it as a CSV/Excel file. I'll have to run it by the wife first (she's an attorney and it comes quite in handy). I avoid adding features and language that might get us into trouble with Ford. Don't want to get a...
  19. Ordertrack Issues - Sorry

    If it's temporarily unavailable, then Ford returned an error code. This is typically the vehicle isn't found in Ford's database. There were a few people that had this too. Does the vehicle section populate with the Make and Model? This would mean your VIN is valid as I can query it against the...
  20. 🔎 Bronco Ordertrack App -- Thank you!

    The dates are coming from the sticker and won’t affect any other app functionality. Could you PM your info and I can see if I can resolve the date issues for everyone. It’s probably just an issue with grabbing the wrong dates from the sticker.