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  1. Doors screws keep loosening!

    Took my doors off for a month. Have since put them back on..... but after a couple of days my door starts creaking again. Telling me my screws are loose. I keep tightening them. Moderatley tight, but it keeps happening. Anyone else experience this???? Thanks K
  2. How low (miles remaining) do you go?

    In driving your bronco…… Or any other car hello are you willing to let your gas mileage go? I have drew in a fusion over 200,000 miles I’ve driven an over 100,000 miles now I’m in the bronco. In driving your bronco…… Or any other car how low are you willing to let your gas mileage go? I have...
  3. Left rear squeak!

    So every time I go over a bump my left rear squeaks. Small slight squeak, like the shock or something. Anyone else have this problem?? Any help is appreciated.
  4. Waiting until the middle of April for a drive belt!!!!

    So I’m one of the 2.7 L engines that went kaput in the beginning of February. Finally got my dealer to agree to pay for everything got my engine, got my turbos, got my pipes, everything‘s in except for one item! The drive belt. Told it it’s not scheduled to be shipped until the ending of April...
  5. What’s in your garage???

    75 Fiat spider 2018 F150 XLT And last but not least, a 2021 Ford bronco black diamond!! I can’t myself as a lucky man!
  6. Anybody install any exterior corner armor protectors?

    Ford sells the off-road corner protectors in a matte black. Checking to see if anybody’s installed any of these and how they look?? Any pics?
  7. Sad to have to be pulled out by…… JEEP

    Well I finally took the wife mudding yesterday. Her first day off in about a week and a half. It just rained here in Houston so took her down a nice dirt road I’ve been down many of time. Mud was super thick probably 18 inches deep so I moved over into the grass thinking it would be a lot...
  8. Dashboard message: Driver Alert Warning Rest Suggested

    After only three minutes of driving I get this flash up on my dashboard! I guess I should really take a rest! WTF
  9. Bronco rodeo refund!

    Just got an email a week after picking up my black diamond. That I got a $200 refund from attending the bronco rodeo in Austin. I’ve been wondering how I get reimbursed for that! As we all know none of the salesman know squat! $💰$
  10. Brand new email 8/12............. o m g!!!!

    Just got the email on the truck I didn't know I needed... wtf!!!!!
  11. LED and interior ambient lighting on mid package???

    Can anyone comment on the interior "ambient lighting" that is supposed to come with the mid package? Are you able to change color of LED interior lighting at all????
  12. Cool bronco rodeo clip!!!

    Got to experience the rodeo on July 4! Driving over obstacles you would never even imagine. These things tackled and ate up every train that was thrown at them. The incline this thing climbed you can see in this video was insane!! Can’t wait!!!!!!
  13. Houston Auto Show?

    Anyone know if Ford will have the new Bronco at the Houston Auto Show this weekend? Dying to see one......................
  14. sign in

    When I sign in to my ford account, I can see my initial reservation for my bronco. But I have nothing else on there. It says contact your dealer. It has my reservation number but that is it. Does everyone else have updated info on their pages? Thanks K
  15. Got texted by dealer to place my Order!!!!

    My dealer texted me and said ordering is Sat. I am number 2 out of 369 at my dealership. An hour later he cancelled and said Ford isn;t ready!!!! Teasing me!! Friggin Teasing me. i asked if I get an extra $500 off because he teased me..... He never answered!!!! :mad: