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  1. Quick Disconnect Winch Plug

    So normally I'd just hardwire the winch permanently to the batter with an isolator. Buuuuuuut... I just bought a Relentless Fab bumper and it has a relatively quick removable winch plate. So, in light of this I'm looking to use a QD Anderosn plug SB175 Anderson SB175 Power Ground Quick...
  2. Overland Expo

    I saw a ton of California plated broncos out today at expo. Come by the peak suspension booth tomorrow, mine will be there. It was there today also, super windy though.
  3. Raceline Aero HD Bronze for sale in Murrieta (South Riverside County) $700

    Raceline HD in bronze. They've seen Johnson Valley, Lytle Creek, Cleghorn, Anza, and a few other places so there is some rock rash on em. New these are 250-300 each depending on where you get em. Asking 700 for the set. TPMS are NOT included. Just want to make that abundantly clear since I'm...
  4. Inner tie rodwork around

    A dude posted on the FB groups that Ranger inner tie rods are the same length and thread pitch. I ordered some moog EV317s for $25 on amazon with free 2 day. Just thought I'd pass along the info in case anyone hasn't seen that yet and needs a work around until more actual bronco spares are...
  5. Rear seat belt issue

    So I had taken my Bronco to the dealer for service last week. I asker them to check the rear seat belts. My kids sit back there, and the seatbelts aren't recoiling like normal. They just kinda flop around back there and never reel back in. Apparently they had to order whole new belt assemblies...
  6. New Radflo coilovers

    Another option in coilovers... radflo is about 16 weeks out right now. I ordered mine already. Can't wait! My buddy is listing them through his website. Since I'm not a vendor on here, DM me for a discount code.
  7. Velocity Blue 2 door black diamon 2.3L manual

    As the title says here is my Bronco. I got it on October 13th. First pic on the night I got it. New wheels and tires 285/70r17 with raceline 17x8.5 0 offset wheels: New sliders: Next is going to be Eibach lift, so I'll post pics of that after. Further plans will be the ford...
  8. New custom sliders

    Had a local shop do some sliders for me. They are frame mounted/welded. Hopefully I can go put em to the test soon. Might be going to a pretty tough rock trail on Thursday. Hopefully I can unfuck my work schedule.
  9. Johnson Valley/Bronco Knoll trip Date changed to April 2nd

    We're planning a day trip to Johnson Valley to take our rides up Bronco Knoll. Saturday April 2nd, 2022. We will meet at 8am and then leave the meet up spot to caravan to the trail. Meet spot: 57075 Twentynine Palms Hwy, Yucca Valley, CA 92284, United States FB group/event...
  10. Eibach

    I'm taking mine up to eibach at the end of the month. Some more suspension lifts incoming shortly.
  11. Holcomb Valley trip today

    Little mud from today's trip. Bunch of ice, snow, and mud. Unfortunately I am still leaning the gopro game, so this is a good as I can do lol
  12. Anyone want to run Cleghorn this weekend 12/12 ?

    Anyone wanting to run up Cleghorn this weekend? 10 am... SoCal Trail Trekkers Meet Spot
  13. Napa compressor

    After seeing the Napa 300lpm compressor I decided to set the smitty on the shelf and try that thing. It's pretty big, and the amp draw is insane, so I'm not going to bother doing it on an aux switch with like 4awg to the rear, which would have been a requirement since the Napa compressor draws...
  14. California Black Diamon Steelies

    Taking them off today to swap for something new. I'm in southern riverside county, prefer not to ship because it's a pain, but if you want to, it's on your dime. Tires will have about 1100 miles, wheels are in excellent shape with no scratches. 1000 for all 5 500 for wheels only I'm keeping...
  15. Black diamond steelies

    I really prefer not to do shipping. I'm in Souther Riverside County (Murrieta). I have a set of steelies I'll sell. All 5 with tires for 1000. Wheels only 500. Wheels are fine, not a scratch. The tires will have about 1100 miles on them. Swapping them out today in Huntington Beach at adventure...
  16. Gearshade Mesh top

    Honestly not sure where this would go (internal, external, whatever forum area) so if needed please let me know where to move it to. But here goes... Today I received my mesh to from Gear Shade. ( The top is good quality. It also has some sweet zippers on the front...
  17. AFE Power

    I have a contact at AFE power, they need a 2 door 2.3L test vehicle. I'm away on TDY for a while. If anyone wants to go let them tech some stuff on it, let me know, I'll set you up. They are in off the 91 near the 15 freeway.
  18. AFE Power

    If you're in Southern California, AFE Power is looking for a vehicle. I'd go myself, by I'm headed out on TDY for a bit and have to take the Bronco with me. For right now they'll be testing an exhaust and a powder module. They'll need the ride for about a week. DM me and I'll set you up.