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  1. Wondering if the cargo drawer would fit with cargo system

    Can't find measurements of enclosure and drawer, but was wondering if the drawer would fit inside the cargo area enclosure...:unsure:
  2. Area 51 and wheel combos

    Still waiting for my Bronco and trying to decide on the wheel color combo. Not keeping the stock wheel and not into black wheels. Cols Ara51 owners post pics of their wheel combo, other that the Ford wheels ? I am looking at Titanium or grey wheels, but i have seen some Bronze ones that look...
  3. Road trip planning to CO, suggestions

    Planning a trip to CO next summer when i get my Bronco Badlands with my GF. I know of Ouray, CO because of the Toyota FJ Summit held there every year, and wanted to go in that same area. I am looking for suggestions on places to stay that won't cost me 5k for a week... Interested on doing the...
  4. Expedition One Bronco at SEMA

    More teases for SEMA, now from Expedition One
  5. New one from Hauk Off Road

    The rear bumper with carrier is WOW ! :love: Front one isn`t bad but i don`t like the enormous stinger/bull bar, hope they make it without.
  6. RTR ?

    Anyone done business with these guys ? I have been trying to get in touch on Facebook, email, their forum, anywhere i can think for 3 weeks, but no answers...?
  7. Fuse panel mapping

    Is there a fuse panel inside the Bronco ( like any typical car ) and if so has anyone mapped it out yet ? Meaning the Live, Key on, Key off, positions ? Something like this ( this is from my FJ )
  8. Anyone running Pro Comp 34 Series Rockwell wheels?

    Anyone running this wheel setup ? How does is look ? Debating between these and Icons
  9. Bandlands Lift kit ?

    Looking at what is offered for lifting my coming Badlands, all i see is a 1" kit , everything else says not compatible with Badlands ?
  10. What do the spindles look like ?

    Bent spindles were common on the FJs, the Bronco being IFS too, i wonder how beefy they are ? We used to beef them up to make them more solid by welding reinforcement on the arms.
  11. Frame mounted sliders ?

    Don't have my Bronco yet, but starting to buy my addons slowly, but i have yet to see any frame mounted sliders, i don't know if that's a possibility on the Bronco without welding to frame or drilling holes in the frame, both are prohibited by law up here in my Province... Yeah don't ask...
  12. Long travel rear suspension

    Anyone know if there is something out ( would be surprised ) or in development a Long Travel suspension for the rear ? I have an Icon Suspension Long Travel from Metal Tech Icon , on my FJ Cruiser and just Love it. From what i have seen of the rear suspension of the Bronco, it looks similar...