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  1. Kc flex era 3’s installed in steel modular bumper

    Stopped by the 4wp store in Towson and they were nice enough to fabricate a mount for these flex era 3 lights from kc hilites and wire them up to the running lights and the aux switch They are very small but pack a huge punch. I have the combo lenses on the way. Pictures show the lights in...
  2. cheapest fog bracket for modular bumper?

    So i have flex 3's laying around and i want to mount them in the modular bumper however the flex 3's have a much thicker bolt so i returned the bracket i ordered a few months ago after they told me to drill them out to get them to fit. Now that its been a few months and KC still has not come...
  3. sas doesnt make sense if you have a badlands

    I just drove up next to a sas'd badlands with my normal one. The difference is barely there. If anything the tires on the sas are simply wider than they give you any ride height advantage. If you want bigger tires and are getting a badlands save the money and skip the sas imo. 4000 dollar waste...
  4. Bestop latch busted?

    Installed my bestop and let it sit for a few days to stretch out only to learn the latches will not unlatch. Anybody have an idea on wtf this is
  5. [Update] Just a 5.0 V8 Coyote engine cover in Bronco

    5.0 V8 Coyote engine swap by RTR. Video @Chase Gentry. For anyone without Instagram access:
  6. bestop is garbage. dont give them money (update , not garbage)

    Got back on the phone as early as i could. Was still 19 in line and had to wait 30 minutes which is better than 4 hours and spot 80. I can confirm that they have a ghost crew for customer support and need at least 10 more agents. After explaining the problem i asked if they could simply send a...
  7. Best-top trektop install/uninstall tips?

    So my besttop should be coming today and i heard the installation is hard. The plan is to have the soft top for summer and my MIC for winter. I also ordered some Paint protection film because i heard there is rubbing. Any tips to make this plan easier? anybody know where the best PPF spots...
  8. Fixing the bronco window problem

    Well it happened to me. The window "jump" stopped on my bronco on one of the windows. I thought for sure i would burst a gasket over a sub 2000 mile car burning out a motor or whatever. But I just went to youtube and the problem was fixed in 2 minutes. The windows can be reset!
  9. first 1000 mile factory oil change? worth it?

    just hit 1000 miles and i remember reading somewhere it might be a good idea to change early to get the factory "grit" out of the engine. Any truth to this lore? 2.7 btw.
  10. 2 door hot seat hack. Prevent 3rd degree butt burns with the top off by folding seats forward

    So i finally got some "real" hot weather with the vinyl seats and actually burned my finger getting in , i would say a 0.5 degree burn that hurt for a few minutes but didnt blister. I could see this not being good for somebody like a woman in a swimsuit (or a dude with one of those short short...
  11. Hard top lift for 2 door? (no garage)

    I just saw that the lift i really like does not work for the 2 door (top lift pro) are there any other free standing lifts that could work?
  12. any way to mitigate windshield chips

    It seems like everyone is going to get damage to the windshield at some point. But with the economic/supply situation i would rather avoid it. Do those windshield protection films work? Is it worth the money? do they cause problems with the wipers?
  13. Any inside news on the painted modular top?

    While i love my MIC hardtop , i cant help but wonder how much better it would be if i could take panels off instead of the whole thing so my dog could get air. Anybody in the know have any idea what the deal is with the mod top? did they scrap the idea? bringing design/manufacture in house...
  14. Has a V8 swap happened yet?

    So the vehicle has been in people hands for quite some time now. Has anybody pulled off a v8 swap? Or is it impossible?