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  1. Building my old school Heritage Edition

    I absolutely love it, you nailed the look!
  2. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    It's fall in Alaska, so got a 1,100 mile road trip in over the weekend to enjoy the colors.
  3. Trail Turn Assist - is this sound normal?

    Lol I'm in Alaska, 6 months of the year we are ice and snow covered. That post was made in January. Here's what it looks like in January. At that point in the year I haven't seen pavement in 2-3 months. Obviously you don't use 4x4 or TTA on dry pavement.
  4. Help! How do you stop this thing? A stat you probably didn't know (149 feet brake distance).

    I love the brakes on my 4dr Sasquatch 2.7. In comparison to my Excursion the Bronco stops on a dime. I'd say with upgraded rotors and pads my f150 might be slightly better.
  5. Keep one eye open Bronco owners

    I've been followed before (not with the bronco) my favorite thing to do is go to a roundabout, I'll go fast enough around and around to then be following them.
  6. FerkinBlonco’s Drive to Alaska Trip Log [Completed]

    @FerkinBlonco I'm in Fairbanks today, might be meeting up with another Bronco owner if you have time? Will probably be dinner time or so.
  7. I don’t really miss having a truck

    I'm just glad I still have two pickup trucks. Just this week used the bed in both twice.
  8. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    My Bronco is a Sasquatch, so it had these little bumper extensions from the factory. I just removed those, used them as a template and screwed the flaps into the factory holes.
  9. VELOCITY BLUE Bronco Club

    I get so many compliments on the Velocity Blue it's crazy. It definitely stands out in traffic or parking lot. Looks good clean or dirty.
  10. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    I threw some universal mud flaps on the back.
  11. Alaska Broncos

    I took delivery November 2021 from Kendall Anchorage. Shipping wasn't such an issue then. I work with all the local dealers and there is a back log of vehicles in Tacoma right now waiting for the boat. From my understanding all ordered units are selling for msrp, I did a little better but it...
  12. The one and only thing that annoys me with my Bronco

    I switch between multiple vehicles during any week, my Chrysler and F150 are totally different than the Bronco. No different than reaching for windows switches haha
  13. Hardtop vs Soft Top

    I knew I wanted the hard top from day one, being a daily driver in Alaska I knew it would see 6 months of snow and nasty road grime. Snow load, insulation factor, rear wiper, defroster and flip up rear window were must haves for me. I've found the hard top super useful, easily put on/off in...
  14. Looking for interior input from current owners

    I've had mine for 5,600 miles, daily driver. I have lux and leather, other than little storage I'm very happy with it. But door pockets, console organizer..ect were must haves after the first week in it.
  15. Drove my Bronco through a mountain, Whittier, AK

    I'm sure, but man I don't hike haha I love nature I can drive through.
  16. Drove my Bronco through a mountain, Whittier, AK

    Yes, the only Broncos that don't get them are Base, or if you choose the MOD steel bumper. The regular plastic bumper and Capable bumper have factory for lights.
  17. Drove my Bronco through a mountain, Whittier, AK

    I have rigid pod lights, but only when no traffic is around. What you saw in the video is the factory headlights/fog lights on.
  18. Bronco First Edition on the Denali Highway, Alaska. There and back - Twice

    Absolutely beautiful! I did the Denali highway memorial day weekend 2014 in my Excursion. Left Anchorage at 7pm, stopped at 2am about half way across it and made it home by 4pm the next day. So beautiful up there. I want to go back but now almost hunting season that's a big nahhh. Anyway the...
  19. Drove my Bronco through a mountain, Whittier, AK

    Yes and they are powder coated silver. Thank you! Yes my factory Sasquatch wheels are powder coated bright silver, I'm not a black wheel fan. I'm born and raised Alaskan so I've done it all, as a kid in elementary school our field trips would be to the wildlife center and Portage Glacier...
  20. How did you get your Bronco?

    Ordered and paid under MSRP but checked the first box.