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  1. myrealname123

    Central California Broncos

    Nice find, and thanks for sharing!
  2. Bronco Slide Out Seat and Tray install - DIY and photos

    Ruxer Parts as actually added the price in, but it says call for availability. Better than it was before, saying this part is no longer for sale. They have it listed at $2741.98
  3. PSA: Check your lug nuts!

    Nearly the first thing the tech did on my PDI was tighten the lugs. He didn't tell me how bad, but he said, "Yeah, they were not tight.".
  4. Swapped Goodyears for KO2s - noticeably worse ride quality

    Don't know if it still applies, but you could opt for Goodyear 33" if you got the alternate wheels around the time I ordered.
  5. Bronco Attic?

    You are right, I zip tied to the brackets that are on the roll cage and ended up liking it so I just left it. I got the attic back in January long before I had the grab handles and at the time I had not seen how long and secure those screws actually are and just did not mess with them. I will...
  6. Bronco Attic?

    Here ya go. There's only a couple of inches above the attic to the roof panel when cinched up like this. Plenty of head room.
  7. Bronco Attic?

    Yeah, you can definitely cinch it up even when it has stuff in it. I was moving some stuff out that day and hadn't adjusted it. I'll grab a Pic of it empty after work today. 👍
  8. 22k Miles, 9 Months, 6 Out West Trips, One Flat, & Miles of Memories

    Great to see this here, now. I've really enjoyed following the journey on IG. Look forward to more!
  9. This "Proudly Made in the U.S.A. Michigan Assembly Plant" sticker will be on windshields of all Broncos produced at MAP

    My first mod was removing this sticker. Saw a 2.7 MPG improvement immediately.
  10. DIY budget Heritage Grill w/ FORD Lettering

    This is the grill we should have gotten, IMHO. The Bronco script on the quarter panels would make sense with this. Otherwise, just feels like it's broncobroncobroncobronco all over.
  11. 6/30 blend dates

    Remember how happy and unaware we were one year ago today? "I should be getting that built/shipped email any day now!" 😂
  12. What's with the manual trans hype?

    WTF is this nonsense? We all "physically" drive our vehicles.
  13. Built But Sitting in a Lot

    Ford never told anyone, we (B6G and others) had people in the area recon and find them. They have quite a few storage lots within 10-15 miles of the plant. I guess you know that, just saw you're in Michigan... 😂
  14. ARCHETYPE RACING | CALL SIGN Billet Front License Plate Bracket

    I ordered 5/28 from their site, received on 6/3.
  15. Warm AC?

    If I put my AC on anything below 72 I feel like ice is going to form on my legs/arms.
  16. Problems with 10 speed automatic transmission

    I have a little hesitation in first every now and then (my '18 Raptor did this too) and a tiny bit of vibration felt through the shifter but I love it.