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  1. Off Rodeo - Nevada 10/15/22

    the Vegas location is really great. I also picked it since it's basically the same kind of terrain I'll find in the Sierras here in CA. I'll be avoiding mud like lava, have zero interest in mudding (or getting that crap out of all the hidden places afterwards). And while I don't gamble - one...
  2. Off Rodeo - Nevada 10/15/22

    rental car depends on what you want to rent, I spent around 300 on a midsize SUV with AAA discount at Hertz. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Hotel on S Las Vegas Blvd, great location to get to the Offroadeo. I don't care about gambling and all that resort or casino bling. From there it's only 30...
  3. Going to Off Rodeo this Friday 9/16 NV

    Haha, yes, Alex is a walking Trivial Pursuit game with extension cards, LOL. The event was a blast and yes, had I hiked that last trail I'd have never ever envisioned a Bronco making it, let alone fit there, what a ride! I was blown away how easy the Bronco made that. Also was surprised how...
  4. Anyone going to Nevada Off Rodeo?

    went on Friday, had a great time with my son. I did pay for the insurance, whole trip was expensive, that little fee added nothing but gave some piece of mind. Shared driving with my son, who's barely driven my Bronco, let alone driven anything off road like we did there.
  5. Off Rodeo - Nevada 10/15/22

    I went there last Friday, weather was great, perfect temperature. The location is apparently 4000 ft above Las Vegas, you might need a sweater in October. It's a fantastic event, especially by the end of the afternoon. That last trail.... Not gonna spoil it and I'd avoid watching videos of the...
  6. alternative hotels in Vegas for off roadeo?

    so we ended up staying at the Hilton Garden on S. LV Boulevard, very happy with the choice. First night we got there late with our rental car, nice and close to 160 to go up the mountain. After the Off-Roadeo we just took an Uber to NYNY and walked around on the strip for a couple hours, took an...
  7. Going to Off Rodeo this Friday 9/16 NV

    wish I'd have seen this post before, I was there Friday as well with my son. What a great day, beyond expectations. Especially the places that didn't even look like a Bronco would fit, let alone make it through. What an impressive machine!
  8. alternative hotels in Vegas for off roadeo?

    I moved our OffRoadeo to Friday, we're flying in Thu and staying at the Hilton Garden, gonna try that Evel Pie pizza for sure, Sat morning I plan to explore Red Rock Canyon, temps should not be too crazy this week. Afternoon still poking around, either Hoover Dam or just walk around the casinos...
  9. Sleeping in Your Bronco Just Got More Comfortable With deepsleep Overland Sleep Mats

    whew, remembered just in time to place my order with the discount code! Ordered only one side for now, most likely will travel solo anyways, and if I need an other one, well, not THAT much more expensive w/o code. Looking forward to give this a try this fall!
  10. Sayonara! Sold my Bronco and bought a Crosstrek.

    I see your point, if I had a commute, especially a long one with freeway, I'd never have looked at the Bronco. I'd be all about luxury and quiet and good gas mileage or full electric. I'd also never have looked at the Bronco if it only came with two doors, completely useless vehicle for me. I...
  11. Brandmotion fullvue mirror

    that's a neat system! I've never used one of these, does it take getting used to the mirror being a screen vs a real mirror? Can't change the perspective by moving your head around. But since this has a button to go back to normal mirror it has me interested. I was just going to get a regular...
  12. alternative hotels in Vegas for off roadeo?

    thanks all, good info!
  13. alternative hotels in Vegas for off roadeo?

    seems to be the best option I can find so far, so thanks! Still expensive for two beds and a bathroom, but what isn't nowadays.
  14. alternative hotels in Vegas for off roadeo?

    just getting back to this now, thanks for all that info, good stuff!
  15. Woosh or air noise when accelerating?

    good thing you brought it in, I hear no sounds from my turbos at all (nor would I want to) so was gonna suggest to have it looked at.
  16. Leather seats flaking before first oil change

    warranty issue for sure. Is that part actually leather? Most "leather" seats are only partially real leather (if at all) and from the photo that looks more like some vinyl or other artificial material. Dealer should order new seats or at least covers, not acceptable after such short time...
  17. A less intense discussion: Recommendations for foldable dash sunshade?

    very happy with the Mabett, I store it under the back seat but have to try the above mentioned under the front seat idea too. Fits very well, does what it's supposed to do, inexpensive and has no writing or anything else on it, the way I like it. I have a bunch of their products and am happy...
  18. Daktari

    Bay Area Broncos

    give Walnut Creek Ford a call, great place, great people and super fair, still no ADM as far as I know. Service dept is also great, worth a drive if you're not too far away. I could not be happier, entire process of buying mine once it came in was maybe 30 min, not counting waiting for finance...
  19. Will you be switching tops?

    soft top all the way, you could not give me a hard top for free, no interest in bulky panels and no space to put it anyways. I only ever latch the driver's side with my soft top so the wind doesn't blow it open and I open it for every drive, even my less than a mile drive to the store. (no, I...
  20. Is your Bronco a Pavement Princess or a Dirt Diva?!?

    did not read the 10 pages, but mine is mostly on road, there are no trails nearby and it's a challenge to get away for some dirt fun. Hope to change that, but even if it never sees much serious dirt, it's a ton of fun to drive and I'd buy it again, most fun vehicle I've ever owned.