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  1. 33s on Sasquatch, anyone?

    Almost all tires are shorter than spec'd when mounted...and that includes the 33s, so it's all relative. I measured my Sasquatch tires at exactly 34" (spare with clamp used as caliper to widest point), which is about where most other 35s/315s land...most 33s and metric nominal 33s land about 32"...
  2. Poll who wants the new Ford Bronco Raptor?

    No, I still think I drive the best looking new vehicle on the planet (Rapid Red Sasquatch Badlands 4 door), and Raptor won't overturn that. I would love the suspension, 37s, and and power-plant, but the vehicle is too wide for trails around here...and the open air is cut in half like a Jeep with...
  3. 33s on Sasquatch, anyone?

    You would effectively "gain" nothing...but you lose quite a bit in looks, and also some in capability. It would make no sense whatsoever, but it's your truck, if you want to neuter it a bit, go for it.
  4. 2.7L blown engine failure list . . 66 so far [Updated: September 21]

    He said they have a team that monitors the forums…he didn’t address the engine issue specifically.
  5. Interior easily scratched

    Yep. My FJ was more scratch prone than the Bronco in more prominent areas. Rubbing Vaseline over the scratches helps minimize them…but after a while, they’re not noticed anyway.
  6. Has anyone heard of current Constraint items?

    The list is completely worthless without the other half of it: the percentage of orders in the USOB have those options as of today.
  7. [Updated] 300 MIC tops produced per day, but still constrained

    Esteban (brand manager) just said last week that the MIC is the biggest constraint…but this week it’s no problem? Nope.
  8. Idea for Ford Motor Company about hard top constraint

    The MIC top is made in America...
  9. 4Quarter20 Dash Rail - The Simple Solution For All Your Bronco Accessories!

    Does Belkin make a MagSafe mount that attaches to a 20mm ball? I only see the one that attaches to a vent, so you have to put something else between a rod and the mount?
  10. 2.7 builds on hold?

    I don't think that would be very quiet for long....they haven't paused 2.7 builds; and no dealer has a communication that says they are going to do that...because as soon as it goes to 3,000+ dealers, no matter how confidential Ford makes it, it's on here within minutes. There may be rumors of a...
  11. OBX Aftermarket 35(ish) Wheel/Tire Suggestions - FauxSquatch

    Nitto lists that tire at 34.7”…so not a “true” 35” tire either if we’re narrowing it down….3” bigger than the Good Year, or .1”, depending on what set of Good Year specs you’re looking at. They actually listed the GY OEM version at 34.6” and the aftermarket version at 34.4”.
  12. 35/12.50r17 Nitto Recon Grapplers installed

    That’s one reason I won’t ever buy KO2s again…they can be very painful to balance. Get them done on a Hunter Road Force Balancer.
  13. 2.7L blown engine failure list . . 66 so far [Updated: September 21]

    The drop was based on a reclassification of previous revenue from Rivian... Put simply, Ford has essentially revised its full-year earnings guidance lower because of an accounting change related to the timing of Rivian's initial public offering.
  14. CoPilot 360 - How is it working for you?

    Ford lumps a lot under that name, but it generally works well. Lane keep works fine if out in the most aggressive mode; adaptive cruise is great, having lot's of distance settings is a big plus; auto high beams are better than on my other vehicles, they always come on as soon as someone passes...
  15. Post your spare tire cover pics

    That’s by far the best one I’ve seen so far. Nice work!
  16. 2.7L blown engine failure list . . 66 so far [Updated: September 21]

    That's the best evidence yet that this is a significant problem for Ford.
  17. Husky Floor Liners Mats vs Ford Factory Floor Liners - pics & review

    I might cut them off for my washout floors when they come...I'll see how they work with it and then decide.
  18. Can you buy a OEM Soft top??

    Yeah, but still kind of worthless...if you're going with a soft top, it's hard to conceive that many people would be okay with one that doesn't fold all the way back. I like flipping the soft top back half way, it's cool...but all the way back is way better. Who would give that ability up...
  19. Bronco phrases you've come to hate?

    In general, anyone out there who has to resort to the MINI as the benchmark to make a point…has no point; just an inferiority complex.
  20. 2.7L blown engine failure list . . 66 so far [Updated: September 21]

    Where did that come from? I didn't ask anyone to do anything...except I asked you to provide the info you said we had a good idea of. You said "we had a good idea"; so I asked you what the idea was, and you provided nothing. The bottom line is we have very little idea how prevalent it is. Get...