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  1. Picked her up today and stranded due to coolant leak. RESOLVED: Secure your coolant hose with a ziptie !

    Sorry to hear that! Sounds like yours might have been a loose clamp rather than an unsecured hose if they were able to attempt to reuse the hose. Mine had a hole chewed through it. Clamps that were not released to the compression position were also an issue early on and I'm sure will still...
  2. VoltageDrop

    Arkansas Broncos

    Cheaper than a Tahoe and frat boys gotta drive something, no?
  3. Broncos on the Rubicon Trail in NorCal

    Ford engineers (with good spotters) took a few of them through it during testing. Armor up and send it!
  4. Exploring off-the-shelf tie rod upgrades

    I see this concern repeated around B6G but has anybody other than Tyler (BB) broken anything after splinting the tie-rods? Tyler himself said the rack would only be an issue for lifted rigs due to the excessive tie-rod angle. As trail fixes go, tie-rods are pretty easy so maybe you do have...
  5. I Have Two Identical Broncos Arriving This Month

    You don't have to wonder. Just run the VIN through Carvana and see what they offer you. I got several quotes over a couple months and sometimes the price was good for 3 weeks or so. No guarantees if it takes 1-2 months to get here but you'd have a good ballpark estimate.
  6. Average Bronco Owner Spends $1,700 On Official Ford Parts & Accessories

    No, you'd go bankrupt because Ford would give you 10 allocations per year.
  7. 2.7L blown engine failure list . . 66 so far [Updated: September 21]

    Hopefully so, though maybe some B6G folks in the hot zone removed themselves from the sample pool? Seeing @sevenfab lose a 21174 then a couple more fuel pump failures pushed me to finally summon the Carvana fairy. I'll play the lottery and see if Ford will build my Grange-tober reservation...
  8. Tricky Dick's Dirty Bronco

    *Until you break a CV
  9. 🙌 First retail order 2022 Bronco Raptor spotted on dealer's lot!

    If you think they look cool now, just wait until they sit in the sun for a few years. Ford really wimped out by not making the actual fenders wider rather than just the flares but I bet massive fiberglass ones will be out by year's end and they'll look sinister :cool:
  10. Rear window folded in from high winds in southeast Michigan

    Mother nature be like "yee yee!"
  11. Anyone done Rubicon Ridge Trail at Hot Springs Off-Road Park?

    At your mileage I'd feel good about life but I don't drive very much and I was at 5k miles so it was going to take a couple more years before I felt in the clear. The NHTSA campaign might result in a cylinder head replacement recall but having the heads replaced by a dealership doesn't really...
  12. Anyone done Rubicon Ridge Trail at Hot Springs Off-Road Park?

    I did it in a 93 Bronco with no lockers almost 20 years ago but I bet it's much more difficult now. It was a really fun trail and took awhile. We had to winch a 3G Bronco back out the entrance due to its carburetor not liking the steep hills then a 2G Bronco busted a rear lift block and his...
  13. Transfer Case Technical Discussion

    The F250 still uses u-joints which are not constant velocity so their lockout hubs probably have more to do with vibration than MPG, especially since those trucks are exempt from MPG testing. The Bronco has CV joints on the axles and drive shaft so you shouldn't notice the front drive being...
  14. FerkinBlonco’s Drive to Alaska Trip Log [Completed]

    Epic. WA winter days not short enough for you? 😁
  15. Comparison: Bronco vs Jeep (spoiler) Bronco hate by LiteBrite

    Perhaps, but is there a channel of a dude hanging random objects from his gauges? If not, get after it because that is the type of garbage kids watch on YT and the nice thing about making videos for kids is new ones are born everyday! Blippi will be worth more than Tom Cruise someday, mark my...
  16. 5" lift, 37" nittos, highway speed is scary.....

    And the center line of that wheel is 2" outside of the OEM wheels so that's going to make it want to yank the steering wheel on big bumps. Yuck.
  17. Someone had a very bad day (Bronco rollover)

    Looks like he probably walked away and walked away with $80k so not the worst day!