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  1. First oil change botched

    what does the dipstick show
  2. PreOrder Hardtops...MIC or Modular...... trying not to lose my Ford points

    When ford allows you to purchase their OEM hard tops, I bet the 4dr MIC will go for $5k minimum and the black modular will go for $8k minimum. Plus probably $500 to ship. Assuming they ever have stock
  3. Ford's official email letter about getting bumped to 2023 model year

    nope not orange, but 2 door Badlands - high pkg - 7spd
  4. Ford's official email letter about getting bumped to 2023 model year

    I got the email about possibly moving to '23 but also just got scheduled for '22.
  5. Auto start/stop disabled but I didn’t do anything

    i know there is a vocal contingent that says it doesn't cause extra wear and tear on engine parts but that seems wrong to me. It is repetitive starting of the engine by definition will cause wear and tear. But supposedly starters from modern cars can last many more cycles compared to older...
  6. New trek top installed

    also best customer service if you ever need a replacement part. every part in that kit can be bought separately from bestop if you call their service dept.
  7. Ford Motor Company profile, is it a scam?

    sounds exactly like Ford. call Ford and get same thing. use online chat with Ford and get same thing
  8. Does anyone make a Bronco Catalytic converter cage?

    cut it off, clamp straight pipe in its place, live in a state that doesn't have emissions tests

    4 door Broncos aren't even real Broncos
  10. Day #388 waiting for my 2-Door BB Manual

    639 days here. No scheduled notification yet.
  11. ⏱ Bronco Scheduling Next Week (4/18) For Build Weeks 5/30-6/27 and 7/11-7/25

    you can go to and use their chat system or just call ford. If you have your 4 digit order number and sales code (i think) they will look it up for you
  12. Bronco submerged in water during Maine high tide

    Shoulda got a Badlands with wash out interior. Rookie mistake. When I drive my rig to the sandbar and leave it overnight, I can simply come back in the morning, kick the fish out and spray it down. Keeps on truckin'
  13. Manual in base

    Ford doesn't make much on base model sales. They make even less on base manual sales. They probably let the base 2 door manual slide since very low % of orders will be that. But said enough on the base 4 door. Base manual 2 door was their only way to market a sub $30k vehicle.
  14. Ford help me understand the chip hold

    Dont be mad. Your bronco is at least built. Others are still waiting for an in production email after nearly 2 years since reservation (635 days for me)
  15. "Scheduled for production" for no email

    welcome to the club. you'll check that site every day for months now and it won't ever change.
  16. How many are still waiting?

    if Ford is going to use a national reservation system they need to remove the allocation limits for dealers for the model being reserved.
  17. Alternator stopped working (5,000 miles)

    both the 2.7 and the 2.3 have low alternators. in comparison the jeep 3.6 V6's alternator is probably a foot higher than both fords
  18. How I got my Bronco build date as soon as I ordered

    only issue there is that we're talking about Ford here. probably build nothing but Raptors and bump everyone else out