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  1. UPDATE FORD DIRECTIVE ON 7QUARTS FILL. Dealership Service fiasco! Ford If You're Listening!

    I take delivery tomorrow at noon. Been patiently waiting since 7-17-20. Two years and three days. I will post a pic of the dipstick. Built week of June 6th. Delivery in Dixon , Ca. I did text my sales rep and ask if the PDI checked the dipstick. He was unaware of an issue.
  2. Ford Protect Extended Service Plan - $50 Over Cost

    Just requested a quote. Delivery scheduled between the 9th and 15 in Dixon Ca. Thank you Granger(Zach) for offering this to us.
  3. 📊 Submitted Bronco Orders Tracking List & Stats

    Shipped e-mail came today. Expected at Ron DuPratt Ford July 9-15.
  4. Any North Georgia Bronco folks?

    I was a Troubleman for Ga. Power for a few years. Our office was Ponce place.
  5. Any North Georgia Bronco folks?

    I have a house in Sone Mtn. and 4 acres in Habersham. May 31 got the production e-mail. Blended 6-7-22 . I can view my VIN#. Probably be in Georgia for a few weeks in August , driving my super duty out to move my 69 1/2 cab and 72 wagon to the new shop up in Alto. holler if you are close.
  6. 🔎 Bronco Ordertrack App -- Thank you!

    Have dinner on me. I am finally able to view my window sticker , been waiting since July 17th 2020. I only had my work computer so I could not pass through to the order page , i was hoping for a first edition.
  7. 🤬 Naughty Bad Dealerships Hall of Shame ("Surprise ADM" List)

    Add Redwood (UKIAH) Ford in California. Would not convert the reservation to an order without an agreement of 3k over list. This was for the 21 model. I moved my reservation to another dealer.