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  1. Price protection on pushed Raptors.

    Yes price protection went away when you went from your reservation that was converted to an order and then GT for a Raptor. Raptor cost much more than what ever your order was. However now that Raptors are being pushed to 23 I feel the 22 Raptor order should be protected when pushed to 23...
  2. Had to Change my 2023 Bronco Raptor order to Iconic Silver

    Go look at Code orange in person. It's not red, its very orange. I could not decide on Code Orange until I saw it in person in the sun.
  3. Bronco Raptor Fuel Octane

    I agree, my 2017 3.5 TT was much better on the recommended 92 Premium gas. From what I have read, the Raptor recommends regular. So it may not have been tuned for the higher octane.
  4. ⏳ Bronco Raptor now being scheduled for production & VIN assigned

    My blend date is today. It has been shown as in production since the 19th.
  5. Bronco Raptors hit jumps & catch air at Vegas press event

    Wow, that looks like a blast. Landing did not sound harsh at or, looked very controlled.
  6. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    My small town, good volume dealer to this point has been fair to reservation holders. The one guy in front of my got the GT. He will be getting at MSRP. I was offered a raptor allocation, if I gave up my Reservation order, and let the sales manager have it. I have a VIN and blend date for...
  7. 2023 Bronco Raptor Build & Price is Up

    I haven't seen it from Ford. My Dealer is telling me that. They have been honest with me so far. Personally if Ford gave a dealer an allocation, and a customer ordered it, and Ford couldn't build it, its on Ford they gave the allocation. They should price protect.
  8. 2023 Bronco Raptor Build & Price is Up

    If the Raptor order you have for 2022 gets pushed to 2023 you are price protected.
  9. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    My dealer says I’m getting it at MSRP. I can’t afford over MSRP. I sure as heck not going to flip it. I want it very badly.
  10. Delivered Bronco Raptor photos thread

    Thanks for link. Mine shows invoiced Sept 16, blend Sept 23, which is not from the 19th that I was told. Wish it wasn't coming by rail.
  11. ⏳ Bronco Raptor now being scheduled for production & VIN assigned

    Great color, that is color I have ordered. Cant wait for my picture.
  12. Motortrend: Bronco Raptor vs Jeep 392 XR: Battle of the Badass Off-Roaders

    I am not a golden ticket holder. There was one at my dealer. I am getting the dealers other Raptor allocation, slated for a build week of 9-19. I will be getting it at MSRP. I would not take a 392 over a Raptor even if the cost was the same or less. The 392 is basically throw a bigger...
  13. Day 1 Reservation Holder = Bronco Raptor delivered in Eruption Green (vs Wildtrak & F-150 Tremor pics)

    Eruption green on the Raptor is killer in person. Saw one in Townsend TN at Bronco fest.
  14. Just Thought I'd Share... $185k Bronco Raptor

    If its a customer order, and an agreed MSRP price, I have a huge issue with this. If it is a dealer stock unit, get what they can. Some one waiting two years plus then getting screwed is wrong.
  15. Delivered Bronco Raptor photos thread

    That’s my date also.
  16. 🙌 First retail order 2022 Bronco Raptor spotted on dealer's lot!

    Easy solution for you, don't buy one and its solved.
  17. Should I stay with Badlands Squatch or go the the Bronco Raptor?

    I had the 2-Door Badlands with all the options on reserved then on order. My dealer said I could have one of his BRaptors for MSRP if he could have my Badlands. Thought about it for a week. Absolutely love the look of the 2 door Badlands. The 4-door Raptor does not look as good. However I...
  18. Sneak peek at new innovative ARB Twin Compressor mount (within spare tire mount)

    So, what size tires you airing up with a single ARB compressor? How long to air a tire? Do you have it mounted, if so where. My Braptor is scheduled build week is 9-19, so I will be airing 37's up. This does look like a good solution or location for the Raptor. I have not seen under the...
  19. First Official Bronco Raptor Delivery?

    Congratulations on first delivery.
  20. Code Orange in person

    Not sure if it was a 21 or 22 F-150 I saw first week of March this year. My dealer had me come look at it as I was trying to decide if Code orange was for me. Color looked very good, but not metallic.