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  1. Finally an Everglades delivery

    Have yet to see anything about an Everglades delivery. Well a member of one of the FB Bronco groups got theirs delivered. They are coming.
  2. Baby pic of the one that got away

    Ford finally sent a pic of the Bronco I had ordered. Had to walk away from the deal for a few reasons. Looks like they take quite a while to get some of these out. This was from back in March.
  3. Bronco Longhorn Edition

    Now that's a bull bar. It was only a matter of time. LOL
  4. Cyber Orange Badlands 2 door with chrome accents

    Another FB sighting. This one is a real throwback.
  5. 2023 Bronco – New Features, Changes, Differences (Including Black Painted MOD Top)

    No official order guide yet. But here's a preview. As expected nothing major. Admin update - Exterior changes:
  6. Eddie Bauer throwback Bronco 6th gen build w/ tan hardtop, fender flares, spare tire cover

    Saw this posted on FB. Don't know if it was intentional or not. But this thing really throws off some Eddie Bauer vibes. I like it. EDIT: As was pointed out a few times obviously it was intentional. I didn't even notice the spare tire cover.
  7. Never complain about Bronco deposits again

    Wow $6 non refundable to use towards marketing?? Like there's not 10 people already waiting to pounce. And $90k over?? Damn!!!
  8. GMC Jimmy AT4X imagined

    Even though GM dropped the ball on the Blazer and Trailblazer nameplates, I've always said they could still get into the game with the Jimmy. But GM says the Bronco and Wrangler market isn't something they are even interested in getting into. If done right it could be good competition for the...
  9. Azure Gray metallic tri-coat cost is insane - $99 5!!!

    Just got done talking to my dealer on a mock build on a 2023 Ranger. The upcharge for the new azure gray metallic tri-coat is $995!! I fully expected an upcharge. But that is crazy!!!
  10. If this was your Bronco while being delivered

    Ouch!!! New Jeep Wagoneer Destroyed After Delivery Truck Driver Misjudges Low Bridge
  11. Nailed it with the color but then.....

    Saw this posted on a Bronco FB group. I absolutely love the color. But the wheels and tires just destroyed it. That is just MY opinion and I always say to each their own. Not my ride. Not my note. But full disclosure the owner was asking opinions because they weren't even sure if they liked the...
  12. Torquoise 2 door Bronco

    Saw this posted on FB. Pretty sweet!!
  13. Anyone get an email wanting $1k to reconfirm their order??

    Friend of mine got in touch with me and asked to find out if there is any truth to this. See the text of the email below. I actually contacted Tom at Chapman and asked him about it. His words were "fake news". If you are a dealer and want to go rogue with your own rules so be it. But don't...
  14. May the 4th Be With You

    Happy Star Wars Day to my fellow nerds!!!
  15. Ford has spurred the (Jeep) competition to innovate

    I love that Jeep and Ford are causing each other to innovate to keep up. Gladiator with a modular hard top and onboard storage. JEEP HAS FOUND A WAY TO STORE THE GLADIATOR ROOF PANELS
  16. Ford Might Give The Bronco Screen Doors

    If it wasn't late in the month I'd swear this was an April Fools joke. LOL Ford Might Give The Bronco Screen Doors
  17. ADV Fiberglass fenders on a pretty much stock Bronco

    I've seen the ADV fenders before. But it has always been on heavily modded Broncos. Just ran across this pic on my Facebook group of an otherwise stock Outer Banks with ADV fenders. IMO this how they should look from the factory.
  18. Calling all R/C enthusiasts

    Picking up my first r/c truck. An Arrma Granite BLX. Need some recommendations on batteries and chargers. I'll probably start out with 2S batteries at first. They are cheaper and will let me get better acclimated with the truck without destroying it. Looking for the longest amount of runtime...
  19. You think Bronco ADMs are bad???

    How about $96k for a Toyota RAV4??? Insane!!!
  20. PRP Customizable MGV Seat Cover Now Available for the 2021+ Bronco

    If these are anywhere near as nice as the one's for Jeeps, they will look like they came from the factory that way. Take a look at the video at the bottom of this post of PRP seat covers installed on a Jeep Gladiator. PRP Seat Covers PRP’s Front Seat Covers for the 21+ Ford Bronco brings a...